Bitcoin, NSA project to derail MaidSafe


Could it be possible that Bitcoin was released to derail MaidSafe? to make alt coin stuff illegal; ethereum to drag out bitcoin development for another 2 years so that law makers could sink their grips into crypto currency digital denominations. To stop nations without borders?

funding startups to scatter everyone into their own competitive environment;


dishwashing detergent = nsa or whatever

decentralized can’t mean everyone goes to the edge and doesn’t interact, decentralized means free and flowing.

its like disruptive technologies; disruptive is good against an oppressive status quo; but what’s next, after you have freedom… do you need to disrupt it again with slavery…

I hope that the answer is no.


No, they are hankering for Testnet 2 like the rest of us.

A lot of tax payer money has been sunk into their SAFEcoin farming facility:


Im at High Performance Computing talk with guy from Hopper Supercomputer from UC Berkeley;

Saying: Nathan Farrington from facebook - for each 1 kb of data going into facebook results in 930 kb of internal computation on data mining. Saying TCP/IP stack is too heavy weight, and they do “cut through” send messages directly to the network;

Google custom switch “Pluto Switch”

He’s asking “Does the cloud need to move closer to Super Computers, or do Super Computers need to move closer to the cloud?”