Bitcoin is creaking, it's going to break. SAFE coin is the future. Also for BTC Price&Trading discussions


You can say that again. Hold tight. I think I’m just not going to look at prices for the next month…



I came across this the other day and thought it was a interesting read, not sure if people have seen it or not? Was refreshing to read another side of the story, something that we dont always get to see.


Incidentally, it was last sub 3k in December 2016…


Was thinking, since it’s the last thing that will be coded, being that everything underneath it practically encompasses all that IS Safecoin, that it could more appropriately be called Safenetcoin… lol. Perhaps even Netcoin. “It’s the new… Netcoin! You have to sign up with the new Internet for it to work. Good luck!”

Too bad that also makes it seem like it’s inseparable from Safenet, and couldn’t be used for standalone purposes. Also Netcoin already exists.


This topic is about BTC, and not MAID price&trading. If we get much more of this then this topic will have to have the same restrictions as the price&trading topic.


need to pay for create SAFE account?Why?


SPAM attacks.

Since any writes to the safe network requires payment it just makes sense to also charge for account creation which needs data to be written to the SAFE network. It simplifies the code and reduces the attack surface of the network since there is not an exception in the code for account creation. More code, more exceptions give rise to potential of more bugs.

But SPAM is the main reason. If you didn’t have to pay then an attacker only needs to keep creating new accounts to fill up the network.


still the problem,what if hacker pay for it to create accounts?and is there a limit for people create account per person?


i think is free for everyone,every accounts is unique,if dun…SAFE network is not worth of it anymore…


Creating accounts isn’t a heavy load so it shouldn’t cost much to user.
Also a programmer could easily create a program that creates 100 trilllion accounts per minute and that would kill the network. But if each of these accounts costed 1 safe coin this attack wouldn’t be financially possible.


Lol, that post was created on September 22 and bitcoin reached $18,000. It is now only the 6th largest currency in the world. As long as it hasn’t taken over the dollar I believe it is underpriced. As John McAfee suggested, it will reach one million dollars next year. But not with small downward corrections of course.


I am not sure whether many are using it as a currency. I seems most people are buying, HODLing and waiting to be millionaires.

Ofc, many doing the same with maidsafecoin, but no one pretends that is a currency.


Bitcoin is not a currency as “currency” has a legal definition, one of which is that currencies are IOUs. However Bitcoin certainly could be used as money, but it is de facto a store of value which can easily be transfered. Bitcoin being used as a store of value instead of money gives bitcoin more value as money/currencies being only used for such purpose don’t need to be deflationary not do they need to be decentralized, at least not for 99% of its use.


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This is the failure IMO. IT may be just due to startup nonsense, but right now it is a failure. I must admit I am amazed at how the BTC community (I include myself) resembles the exact thing it was supposed to change but possibly worse as many big holders have “done time” or been complicit in market manipulation and the whole thing about holding seems like it is now turned into a scarce asset investment. I do not think that was the goal. Great it grows and great it is not banks (so far), but I fear it is a"black mirror" Humans are pretty terrible, they want to have wealth but not because of value add to society, but because they were lucky, much more than others were not. I hope that is short term and the inst millionaires just spend their windfalls and it comes back to the people, but I do know I am an optimist.


humans are confused creatures at best :slight_smile:
tbh I can’t see a scenario where SAFE entirely avoids these type of situations facing btc.
However, the good that your creation will bring to the world by design will bring a little more balance back to humanity.
That alone will make the ‘blacker’ element of our nature fade a little more into the background than it currently is.
I know that’s not the ideal but hey it’s a damn big step forward from where society currently sits and is a big part of why the community are all so loyal to you and this project :+1:


This is so true! It’s not about making a small tech-savvy elite rich, but changing the lives of the lowest billions. The Internet and the mobile phone, brought access to information to the lowest billions. That’s what the goal of digital money should be IMO. Censorship resistance, cutting out the banks, permissionless innovation are all great, but do they really matter to the world’s poor? Being able to save and spend cheaply and easily certainly do. That happens, because we won’t have to pay financial people. In other words, by far the most important property is that the network is autonomous. That’s what makes it cheap.


I think I’ve made my peace with BTC not being the answer to every problem in and of itself. Crypto has become much bigger than just Bitcoin.

Digital gold may not have been the design, but it is very useful. The crypto community are also reinvesting a huge amount of their value and holding to maintain it for all of us. With that value we can do a lot more to change the world. Societies improve at much faster rates when the citizens hold capital - rather than just the elites (see any ‘golden age’ in history). Capital is not possessions, it’s stored value. Our modern societies would benefit greatly from returning to a culture of delayed gratification rather than consumerist debt and poverty. HODL’ing isn’t about greed, it’s about thrift and saving. Most people hold a fraction of a Bitcoin, there aren’t that many crypto millionaires out there really, a few thousand more than there were last year maybe, meh. Even they still want to live and enjoy their wealth a bit, they do spend more when they’re suddenly rich, but they don’t don’t cash it in for big wedge of fiat, or spend it all in a mad rush of consumerism. That’s what HODL’ing is really all about imo.

BTC has some big design flaws which prevent it from accomplishing a lot of goals that it could have addressed, but even as a settlement layer and global reserve it has the power to help separate money from state, which would do a huge amount of good in the world.

Other cryptos are already doing a lot of good too. In Venezuela they all mine ETH and it is helping them survive out there with no other options.

Alternatives with better distribution, incentives and scalability (ahem, nod and wink) are far better suited for some of the things many people want BTC to do… imo anyway.

BTC has been like a decade long ICO for a pre-mine store-of-value coin really. 99.9% of society still don’t own any, but almost all of the coins have been minted and are owned by people or lost at this point. It is just a scarce asset really, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t very useful.

This movement is evolving naturally and its course is set. BTC doesn’t need to get us there on its own, we’ll get there eventually. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :v:

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