Bitcoin goes Zero?

Just a fun question xD. If the Bitcoin goes zero in value, Many crypto holders an investors will jump off the bridge i guess. Because they earn in Bitcoin now and planning to earn more in the future. But what if the Bitcoin goes zero in value? Just want to know some of the perception of others

If you mean literally $0, I have a hard time imagining any scenario in which this occurs. In case of a catastrophic bug, it can be fixed and the chain resumed from the point before the bug wreaked havoc. In case of some government ban, there would still be an underground economy. Both cases would be damaging, and potentially very much so, but I don’t think that either would result in going to $0. What scenarios can you envision?

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I do not believe in it. I think, it is temporarily.

Ive already put everything in bitcoin. Now, if my parents would just kick me out, I would be living this dream.

it will never happen since the deepweb!

But don’t worry if it’s go to zero, people who hold the BTC will sell out them all before they go to 0, and other people will buy them in with very very low price, which will never drive them jumping off the bridge!!!

Value is whatever we agree… 0 value in fiat currency really means nothing, if individuals can agree on something, we still could decide to use bitcoins. And for instance universally agree that 1 satoshi is worth 10 minutes of human time, with a 1 satoshi minersfee. Just my 2 satoshi’s…

Some kids will throw in religion, some kids will find it unimaginable, some kids will even jump off a bridge… Sum kids will just count on their agreement and move on to the next math problem.



First of all, I do not really belive that such situation will happen. The most importan question in the mentioned situation is the demand of bitcoins. And it is great today. Quantity of bitcoins increases every day.