Bitcoin fork divides Bitcoin community

Yes, it was a very good point.The big difference to me between Bitcoin and Safecoin though is in their idea of “Community” - the power is concentrated around core devs and large farmers…or Govt/Corporations….whether corruption exists or not, the potential for it seems obvious.
So why not de-centralise the core dev power and not reward large farmers?..Oh…someone already thought of that I think …lol.

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F2Pool Rejects Bitcoin XT, Backs BIP100 Instead

F2Pool, the biggest mining pool on the Bitcoin network with control over some 19% of all hashing power, maintains not to make a switch to Bitcoin XT. Instead

And additional 6% of miners is needed to prevent lunatics from taking over the asylum.
Shouldn’t be too hard.

Right now, it looks like BP 100 is going to win.

Which is fine. At least they are doing something. I don’t have any problem with folks like Mike and Gavin throwing out options to move the discussion forward. Bitcoin works how it works, and it will be governed how it chooses to be governed.

Miners are not going to shoot themselves in the head over petty politics. To suggest otherwise is irrational, But the talking points of the last week have been largely irrational, when they haven’t been totally censored…

Fork might actually be good for the network, if they improve on it of course.