Bitcoin disappearing from Omniwallet

I don’t really know how to describe it, but my BTC count from my addresses on keeps dropping to zero; I only ever have tiny amounts of BTC, so maybe I just keep forgetting that I am using all of it for transfer fees despite being super mathematical and careful every time that I do any transfers, and always try to leave some around for next time. Ignore this if I’m dumb, but I wanted to ask if anyone else has felt that something is off and has had similar events.

Hi @Audity,

you can see how much Bitcoin you had before your last transaction and how much you paid for the fee by putting your OMNI address in this explorer:

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Omniwallet does seem to take a moment and the UI is not ideal for ack when it hasn’t landed the result and defaults to zero… does make the user wonder… esp when not using it often to recall that. Some kind if refresh usually brings up the BTC balance… or repeat until does.


My balance has been holding and correct for a long time.

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