Bitcoin devs with spare time, join DevParty dev contest

Those who may good with Bitcoin-related APIs may be interested in a development contest funded by Counterparty.
The rules are pretty simple - code must be released under one of open source licenses and of course use Counterparty.
Deadline is Feb 9, 2016 and there’s around $5K in prizes.

Someone who’s familiar with SAFE and Bitcoin could develop a file trading app or such… But the app must work on Feb 9, so it’d probably be wise to use SAFE features that work now and/or are likely to work by then.
There are existing desktop and mobile wallets so features can be added to those - it’s not mandatory to code an entirely new app.


DevParty’s been concluded, there were 4 new apps (a fork of the official wallet, a distributed exchange dashboard, a reputation platform and a set of client-side Counterparty-related tools for that implement most features in lightweight Web pages with JS).