Bitcoin as Trojan Horse

Quantum computers may solve bitcoin’s speed and environmental problems but they may level out or stop or crash the investment gains on its currency. But it seems that may not matter because the point all along seems to have been to reach ctitical mass on a ubiquiteous platform for transparency, one that would kill blackmail and bribery based law, commerce and media and halt hereditary rule.

Well those were my thoughts after I heard Vitalik say bitcoin tech as a computer network platform sucks so why would anyone use it (?) answer transparency and a just equitable more reliable world.

So this seems to be the tripple ledger function. Seems a bit like the Permanent Record system Snowden has written about. But I think it means SAFE has a window of time until quantum solves bitcoins problems. I also have the felling that quatum tech will make storage too cheap almost to bother to measure. That would hit the SAFE coin.

Is all this wrong? Would we need general purpose quantum or would a specialized subset like a DWAVE machine be able to be a quantum miner?

I love the idea of bitcoin destroying the Tax Haven instead of enabling them. Its because I question the social utility and contribution of the wealthy and see that when they evade taxes not only do they steal our time and energy in wage slavery to begin with but they straight up steal what remains from us because it means our taxes subsidize them as if they were able to tax us directly themselves even beyond their wage theft through suppressing wages and education and cranking up debt.