Bitcoin and Maidsafe are about freedom not making money

I am a little concerned about how the FUD from Musk is clouding our vision of why we support Maidsafe and Bitcoin. We are in this to create real freedom from the insanity we see in the financial and information worlds - Central Banks destroy people’s financial freedom whilst Billionaires monopolize our access to information.

We bought Maid coin to support and fund the development of the project - not to be memecoin millionaires. So many altcoin projects exist to make fast money rather than improve the world. This is culminating in attacks on Bitcoin by seriously uninformed people who do not value the need of a truly decentralized money controlled by noone and unable to be censored or altered. This is what the Safe Network wants to achieve for information and ownership of our own data.

Attacking Bitcoin’s energy consumption is pure FUD. To quote a well known Bitcoin commentator;

"Bitcoin consumes so much energy because it uses a fully mechanical & digital process to ascertain truth. It doesn’t rely on the authority of anyone.

It isn’t a more energy-intensive way of doing consumer payments; it’s a less energy-intensive way of achieving consensus than war."

Let’s not lose sight of the real issues at stake that this community is trying to change, rather than the price of Maid versus memecoin pumps.


Agreed, but proof of work may not be the only or best way to achieve this.

Freedom first, then optimise. Safe Network can be part of that process.

It is only human to want financial independence though, so don’t blame those wanting to get rich too. Many see this as giving them more freedom from daily tyranny than the broader picture. Not having to work, having nice stuff, etc, is a very obvious freedom.

So, let’s have both. Bitcoin started the ball rolling. Let’s get it rolling faster with Safe Network too.


I don’t know why there is concern from OP; Maidsafe and the SafeNetwork are very different from Bitcoin. :man_shrugging:

Conflating Bitcoin and Maidsafe risks confusing the problems Bitcoin has as though Safe Network necessarily has the same.

  • Bitcoin is a simple but important idea - proof of concept for distributed consensus and the clutter of alt coins add little to that utility.
  • Safe Network is bit more ambitious in the utility it tempts.

It is not entirely FUD and it’s a fallacy defence there.

Fact is BTC energy consumption is a problem; Proof of Stake never took off afaik but to be hoped another like Safe Network can support provide a non-exponential energy solution.

There is no point in shying from harder realities and questions… otherwise all debate collapses into “us v them” bipolar unproductive back and forth.

and Safe Network is not just Freedom - it’s Privacy and Security too. All three aspects equally important for empowering users and diluting the corrupted influence and exploitation from third parties.

but yes - it’s important to keep focus on what matters and not let notions of what is money cloud perception.


A lot of us also invested in the idea because it was a sound investment. Yes very risky, but the chances of getting some incredible returns is there.

I don’t think you would have much investments if it was only to create this ideal internet, a lot of us want to secure our future and the future of our family in the process.