Bitcache - Kim Dotcom - Wee bit of a problem

Canadian Stock Exchange Blocked Megaupload 2.0 Plans

This article from today, Jan 24 mentions Maidsafe being used in the backend.

The MaidSafe mention is just a reference to a reference to the MU2 Bank To The Future pitch.

“Unlike the original Megaupload, the new version isn’t going to store all files itself. Instead, it plans to use third-party providers such as Maidsafe and Storj.”

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Follow the link, it is to an article that contains this information (from October) which in turn links to the BTTF pitch as it’s source. There is no more recent comment from Kim Dotcom that mentions MaidSafe.

To be clear we have not spoken with MU2 or any of it’s devs or evangelists. Happy if they use SAFE and by definition safecoin to store the data though as that’s what it’s about. I am not sure why this would happen as SAFE alone would offer the service via apps AFAIK, there may be tweaks, but I am not fully offay with the business model there.