Bit Bastion seastead

Hey this looks fun.
Buy a ship, create a country

Everybody who hold Maidsafecoin today, will be able to life on the #1 ship in this line up, within 10 years.

  • Never pay tax again
  • We’ll just be a lazy bunch buying up ships and creating countries out of thin air

  • :kissing_heart:
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Going around the world polluting and living of other peoples labour. No thanks.

We could use vertical farming

Farm our own fish

I hope this don’t bug you :wink:

You do raise a good point, with all the saltwater, in the sea I wonder why nobody ever bothered to create an engine that works on saltwater for ships? Hmmmm maybe somebody did.

But there is also this solar energy Ship

10 years from now with 1% of our collective SAFEcoin’s we’ll even be able to do this, with all of the tech above included.

P.s. only electric helicopters + planes allowed to land on our ship :kissing_heart:

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