Binance DEX chain migration?

awesome thanks for giving it a look. I am not sure its even feasible, but I think it’s worth a look cause people seem hyped to use this particular incarnation of a DEX so we might find good liquidity there.


I’m with @andyypants. This is a no-brainer. @dugcampbell @nicklambert

Hi @andyypants, we’ve taken a further look into this as suggested. It doesn’t look like this is something that we can pursue at this stage unfortunately. There’s a number of reasons here, but in short, it would have an impact on the delivery of Fleming & beyond.

If we were to go down this route at this stage, it would involve a fair amount of cost to us, specifically in terms of time from across a number of different teams (planning & executing the project, the cost of going through the development/work of burning coins, managing the marketing/communications/updates, legal/accountancy work, cost of maintaining two separate coins MAID/OMNI and MAID/Binance moving forwards (exchanges, updates to legacy MAID/OMNI holders, explainers across materials etc).

So the real thing here is not the financial cost but the opportunity/time cost in management/execution/publicity. It’s important for us to remain laser-focused on Fleming/beyond as opposed to diluting efforts across a range of things at the moment - hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


ok thank you! I understand time is of the essence and I really appreciate you spending some of it to see if this idea was workable. While I really like the idea of a DEX in theory the more I researched this particular one the more I was like um why you gotta make this so hard binance :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways maybe someone will come out with one that has better interchain operability, and it’s as easy as send some normal MAID in, and trade it if there are people willing to trade, then take it out as normal MAID when the time comes to swap for SAFEcoin


With Binance DEX while you own key to your coins Binace may seize your coins