Biggest threats to SAFE?

What do you think are the biggest threats to the widespread adoption of SAFE? It would be especially interesting to hear from anyone working on the project.

Technical issues?
Hateration? (people who refuse to use it because they missed the Safecoin boat and want to make sure no one else makes money with it, like we’re seeing with “blockchain”)

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Widespread adoption will come naturally because more and more people are being censored and this is just the beginning. After paris’s attack many of french alternative media website went down.

Even if the SAFE network consisted of only messaging and safecoin it will be still be succesfull. I expect millions of people to use a real anonymous digital cash once our government ban their own. An easy way to communicate privately will also become priceless very soon.

So to me the biggest threat is not what will happen after launch but more like before IE SWAT team invades troon’s office before the network is live.


Well, anything that will hamper mass adoption will be considered a threat, as the Network requires a critical number of users to live up to it’s promises.

So keeping that in mind, I’d say technical issues are critical and need to be dealt with, as it will need to be easy for people to use, and flawless in it’s execution. (or as close as possible - with security as the #1 priority)

Also, if there are umpteen number of forks at the beginning, that can also segment the end-user population. Forks coming after the beginning stages of the network though can only be good. It forces evolution and is a necessary option in FOSS technology.

As for regulation, I laugh at any attempts at regulation. Governments have no power here.

And regarding hateration…there’s more to the network than Safecoin. That is where the draw will be - on the rest of the features. Safecoin is the oil of the network, not the reason for the network.


Biggest threat is making mistakes in the design of the algorithms.


this is only a really serious threat if the developers of the network get stubborn and refuse to change algorithms if they aren’t working well. so I don’t think it’s a huge thing to worry about

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Errors in economic policy.

I also suspect there will be a vacuum of apps when SAFE is first stable enough for general public to use, and they may log in to see much, lose interest and move on to other things.


A weak electrical infrastructure. Takes only one sudden solar storm to fry most of the grid in the U.S. Nuclear power is the dominant source of power world wide which makes them practical targets for ash-holes (i.e bombings, stuxnet, etc). So while the protocol is designed to be very resilient, I see no other event that would cause such a wide spread problem.

Forks will only be a threat if the principles of David change. He aims for balance. My experience tells me that is very unlikely to change.

Adoption speed will vary as values change based on many factors. This makes any prediction a shot in the dark. Though SAFE will fill many gaps in societies framework. At the very least it will be half as or as popular as Tor hidden services and Freenet.

Regulation is not possible. Technology will always outpace the creation and enforcement of new policies.

Technical issues are relatively small blips on the radar. This system is based on solid math that is relentlessly simplified.


This phenomenon is really incredible in my opinion. If there were no early adopters, no innovation would ever take off. Early adopters take risks, and if the innovation breaks through then they make a profit. The widespread jealousy and contempt towards successful early adopters shows how many “egalitarian” minds work.

What’s also pretty funny in the case of crypto-currencies, is that these people feel it’s “unfair” early adopters profit (once!), but don’t seem to realize how much the banker class reaps parastic profits from the fiat monetary system continuously!

These people hate on BTC millionaires, state it as a reason to refuse BTC, and then go on with their lives in the status quo with no increased interest in innovations themselves. Progress apparently ought to be handed to them without anyone ever getting better off of it.


From a technical perspective I´d say the design of SAFE (scheme of distribution) is critical, from the perspective of discourse probably shitstorms against crypto technology in general followed by regulation - not in an existential way, but probably causing marginalization.

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The way to download the soft. It’s the weakest link think.
And are there will be updates? If so, how it will be done?

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There is another, that is social

Social networks are the big thing at the moment and a fair chunk of people would hardly use the internet if it were not for social networks, news, media.

If SAFE cannot attract at least a decent amount of public media content then it maybe quite a while (many years) before any “killer” APP can get the attention of the masses. SAFE is wishing to be the evolution of the internet and be used by the masses so without the eventual use by the masses it has failed on that count.

And thats where SAFE needs to appeal to the other love affair the public has with the internet, media & content.

Thats a global problem affecting well almost everything, the internet as a whole. Actually SAFE might fair better than the centralised server structure of the current system.

By far the biggest. This would be the death knell of SAFE.

I hope you were not serious. Has this ever happened to any public software company? Public as in public company with reasonable public exposure on a regular basis.

Yes, but that is not an easy sell.

It’s kinda like asking your local pizza shop to take bitcoin. They might see one or two extra sales per year, but the effort and the cost of explaining “What’s bitcoin” to everybody who sees the sign will override the benefit.

You have a chicken and egg problem. If everyone is on the internet, and a few people are on SAFE, Unless you have a compelling security need, you will keep your content where everyone can get to it without jumping through hoops…

Not so much. The pizza shop would have to integrate a new monetary system, not a small step to take.

To use safe will only need to add a plug in to their browser. A click on a icon and click OK. Easier than going to the play store to install an APP

Public media will not need anyone to log in and can be links on a normal web page.

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In the current climate a truly anonymous network poses a significant security risk. I would say an unexpected governmental visit to Troon presents the most significant risk. “Nip it in the bud” as they say.

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I don’t think so.

Many businesses, bloggers, and other folks run their websites on PHP and MySQL etc. Not compatible with SAFE, because SAFE has no servers…

They will have to re-invent their systems to work on SAFE. That isn’t easy.


Governments around the world are pushing to ban encryption. The SAFE network relies heavely on encryption, that would make this project illegal.
Software companies/individuals that offer very disruptive software usually stays anonymous ( ie satoshi nakamoto).
I don’t know if that happened to a software company before but i do know that if you mess with statut quo you will probably get targeted at some point.

Banning encryption is going to as hard as banning math.

I don’t think it can be done. Any more than rivers can be legislated to flow upstream…


I am not sure how you read my post on public data.

People upload favorite media to SAFE. Other link to it in facebook, or whatever and others see media when visit those social networks, or follow links in the social network sites, private web pages, or whatever.

Then from there the interest hopefully grows because smart uploaders store their media safely on SAFE and the masses get used to their media coming from there. ALL without the uploaders/masses needing one extra line of code (PHP, RAILS, ORACLE SQL, mySQL, or whatever)

No barrier for the masses to start consuming SAFE data, no need for APPs to be “good” enough for SAFE to be used. Obviously if it remains that way forever then that is a problem, but as we saw with the current internet, it took a decade before things really took off. It will take a little while for APPs to take off. But if no one uses SAFE then the fuel/desire for SAFE APPs will perhaps be too low for them to reach critical mass.

Yeah…probably by this guy… :smiley:

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Time in light of Digital Physics. SAFE is built like vault but may still be fragile against widespread deep human negativity, the kind that dirty hand terror generates. I guess we knew mechanically that SAFE wouldn’t be enough against widespread ill intent which is what the terror industry generates. So time is the biggest threat. We need this sooner rather than later so we can expose and destroy the BS terror industry before it can create the kind of warping that Digital Physics postulates is possible. We need the positive intent to hold states and corporates responsible for their intents and actions. We have to want to shine a light into them and that will take courage and skill even with new tools like SAFE, so we can add a lack of human resolve and wavering to time as threats to SAFE and its ultimate aims and objectives.