Big corporations running farming nodes

I heard that 5G will be extremely fast both in terms of bandwidth and in terms of latency. And the 5G transceivers have to be installed very densely because of the short reach of the radio waves with short wavelength. That will potentially be excellent for the SAFE network.

The prediction is that it will be extremely costly to install the 5G infrastructure. But with the huge potential market for the Internet of Things (IoT) big corporations other than the usual telecom companies may be interested in launching 5G as early as possible in order to be able to launch their IoT platforms and services.

And if so, those giant companies, such as Google and Huawei will pay for much of the 5G infrastructure, and then they would also benefit greatly by running their services on the SAFE network.

This, then, means, that the big tech companies will not only gladly pay for 5G infrastructure but also invest a lot in running SAFE farming nodes! To ensure that the SAFE network is and will remain robust enough to support the IoT explosion.

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