Bi-simulation proofs/peer review

Has anyone from @maidsafe considered having the release candidate code peer reviewed in the way of bi-simulation? I’m watching a video on cardano atm and it seems to be a big selling point. I’m not overly impressed by such things but understand that other people are and being that SAFE wants to replace the internet and this kind of peer review is reserved for highly important things that would cause big problems if they failed, I thought it could be applicable.

So many buzz words in the video. I think cardano in a marketing sense uses their peer review as a way of lowering the bar of other projects, which may not be entirely wrong as it is a type of standard but might not be as virtuous as they’d like people to believe.


If I remember correctly, dirvine said that there will be a code review in beta. The code will be reviewed by top professional redhat / blackhat / whitehat / greyhat security coders.