Beyond a copy of the Internet

Here is a recent blog post where I hopefully start to poke at what SAFE couple potentially allow us to do. I hope its helpful

I would love to hear thoughts and further ideas discussed. Could be useful.

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Great idea to come up with some real-world use cases for safe, and also to demystify terms like mutable data - bread and butter to you guys but it confuses the hell out of me.

I wonder if someone artistically inclined could make a graphic of some of these ideas? For example

A robot manufacturer can create an immutable data item. With this item each robot built will create a key-pair and the public key will be added as an owner to the Mutable Data (this can be made into a tree structure to hold billions of identities). The data element will be the location of further lists of valid robot keys, these may also be Mutable Data.

The secondary Mutable Data items above will contain many more robots keys. Each of these data items can now be thought of a mini-community. In these communities a delegate can be chosen to be one of the owners of the core Mutable Data item (i.e. the conglomerate one as above). This delegate will vote as per the groups instructions and failure to do so will mean the group (all owners) will remove that robot from the group and the community as a whole.

I kind of get this, but to be honest I kind of don’t (in fairness it’s late and I’m about to turn in). As I read it my mind is trying to create a picture but it can’t join up all the dots. A nice graphic with some robots joining a group and hanging their public keys on a tree (sounds a bit like like a dodgy 70s party updated) with those trees pointing to other trees etc. would make it a lot easier to follow.


The only blocker for me is “corporates and sharing data”. How will their current minds shift.

Corporates already share lots of data where it makes sense for them to collaborate and not compete, such as in the creation of platforms and protocols. They need agreed standards on which to work or they just end up reinventing the wheel.

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Yes, but isn’t the critical data the stuff they won’t share

It reads as a self governing community of “robots”. The robots can be manufactured robots or humans even.

Antonymous functioning groups of robots.

Now to go and read the blog and see if I’ll agree with that afterwards :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

EDIT: now I see its also about the communities having access to data that the community deems good and removes corrupt members & potentially their contributions to the data.


Great blog and excellent use cases explored. We need more of it by more people I think so that peoples minds can be expanded beyond the sound bytes of fear fed to us by our current bunch of so called leaders.

I too have been alarmed at the divide between the elite members of society and the medical health care they can receive compare with others. In Australia the life expectancy of the Inhabitants of Australia before the Europeans arrived is still a lot shorter and their general health is much lower than for the rest of us. Some blame the people, but its more the level of care and how they are treated as a people.

The poor in Australia also have worse health. It is still a case of your health care is a function of your wealth and this is true even with so called “universal health care” The previous prime minister would often go on about how the older Australians were destroying the health system and economy because they were not working and living too long and draining the budget with their pensions and going to the doctor more than everyone else. His scathing attacks on older Australians (grey army) got to the point where if you substituted the words “die pensioners, just die” would fit perfectly. So much so that even journalists picked up on this and reported it. I am amazed how the politicians, who by the way are very wealthy themselves, have no trouble removing the things that give less wealthy people a decent life to live.

I do although think you went a little too far with the hospitals in that currently a number of problems can only be fixed with surgery and not considered trauma, or mental health services. I do agree through that we could remove a huge need for hospitals and reduce the size/number of them.


Great to see your blog getting some love! These posts are an invaluable source of your unwavering vision for the project.

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Fantastic post!

I love the recent series of posts you’ve been writing @dirvine, they’re fantastic for explaining not just SAFE but its future as well.

I’ve also been thinking about how SAFE could be used to power A.I. and machine learning via network-stored data (imagine a global AI owned by all of humanity, it learns from you by analyzing your data, but you control that data and only the AI has access to it, not any gov or corp that can exploit your personal info and preferences for targeted ads or censorship), so it’s thrilling to me to see us thinking along similar lines :wink:

I also have a question: Within the second section “2: Robotic and A.I. Industries”, and the first header “Potential Solution”, the first sentence says:

A robot manufacturer can create an immutable data item.

Is this correct? Should it be an immutable data item, or a mutable data? (the rest of the paragraph implies mutable data, not immutable)


Ah nice catch, I will fix that now. Thank you.


Mind blown. This is game changing. So it’s 2040 and millions of robots walk our city streets. The robots logic is running on the safe network. Distributed into chunks and encrypted, also with constant churn.A hacker wants to make the robot perform evil. He is never going to be able to get access without the log on. So he decided to access to hardware directly, but as soon as this happens the personas managing this robot detect the anomoly and hit the kill switch. Ok maybe invidual robots could be hacked with new hardware etc but the chance of infection of a whole network is impossible. The same is going to apply to electrical grids, autonomous cars, drones, trucks. Factory machinery including industrial robots, water treatment systems. The list is endless. Great blog @dirvine. This is the stuff that’s really gonna make safe network take off.