Beware NFTs, the gateway drug to DRM

Oh dear, oh dear…


Finally, I can show off my “monkey in sunglasses” with my wall projection screen tv 24/7 … just what we all need. Thank you Samsung.

Honestly, I don’t ‘get’ the NFT thing at all, but whatev’s floats yer boat I guess.

Remember kids, there is no such thing as bad technology - people decide what to use for good or evil!

Privacy. Security. Freedom


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Technology as but one aspect of our existence, I suspect no two people will even agree 100% on the differences between good and bad in the first place. So for some, ideas, technology, cultural views, can be absolute bad and others absolute good.

Most here though will probably agree that the tools/technology of freedom of information & expression are 100% good, and the opposite, some degree of bad.

Yesterday two artists invited me to an NFT discussion - for them NFTs are 100% good! So …

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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I have not got it yet and as usual @Dimitar you are right at the forefront. It appears to me though this is getting into copyright as crypto has got into mainstream kyc/aml/lending futures etc. Is this something where the promise of crypto is great but it falls back again into the hands of the rich/powerful etc. Or is there something different here?

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Surely every NFT artist I’ve talked to is drooling when he hears that on the Safe Network the art work file itself will be the NFT, not like the blockchain NFT hash receipt for which the art work file is hosted on a centralized server…

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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I’m not surprised, but that’s not the end game. Artists are going to be drawn into DRM.

Maybe that could be fine in a way that’s not just perpetuating the power grab of Intellectual Property, maybe it can be fine without removing the right to see what code is running on your computer, and to choose whether to run it.

Until then, I’m solidly anti-DRM and agree with others that NFTs lead inevitably to DRM which means centralisation, oppressive anti-creative use of copyright, lots of ownership and control for consumers etc.

That many artists don’t understand this is no surprise, very few people are that informed in the tech space, and fewer outside it.

I often wonder (and no criticism meant) that what pervades a lot is

  • Offer cash to people and they are bought in (literally)
  • Larger cost to humanity is not considered

I think it may be natural (collect and hoard all the food) but represents a lower order thinking (more old brain / fight flight thing). I think these routes are known to the powerful and are used to see opportunities for more power, while those trying to get power make a grab for it and fall into the trap.

Again not criticising, but wondering. We all know the huge power that the promise of wealth wields.

NFT to me seems the opposite of the original open source (owned by everyone) movement. I may be 100% wrong though.

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Important also to understand the difference between proprietary data/information and copyrighted data/information. Proprietary being simply a secret with nothing else protecting it, and copyright having the government gun protecting it.

Each NFT could be either depending on how they are licensed (or not) by the creator and government willingness to prosecute if pushed by it’s “owner” to do so.

Seems to me that SN is going to break copyright eventually as if it’s made public and not kept secret, then there will be no way to stop copying … the network itself makes copies! :wink:

In the end secrets will be the only way to keep data/info to yourself or your company I suspect - even then things are rediscovered or leaked eventually and once that happens, with SN, there is no longer any possibility of DRM perhaps.

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Unless devices are hobbled to only run under DRM. That seems inconceivable right now but I think it may be coming.

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