Beta release ?maybe 3 years

I’m only a recent investor to safecoin ,but looking at the forums and dev updates etc it seems the beta is a good bit away guessing 2021 .I know it’s only a hunch ,what are your views?

View? Well, here’s mine, hunches are pointless…in this scenario anyway.

If you hang around here a while all trying to guess timelines will do for you with respect to this project is cause you to lose sleep, patience, hair, or all three.

Honestly no one here has any clue, the project is breaking new ground and timescales can’t be accurately estimated just yet.

The weekly updates/github/jira is as much as anyone really knows and that’s just how it is for now.

If you fully understand what this network can potentially be you quickly also work out that the risk reward scenario in holding MAID is ridiculously in your favour (far beyond any other project out there).

The speculators (not investors, the investors brought into Maidsafe itself in previous funding rounds) generally struggle to understand all the above and get impatient and upset and unfortunately leave/sell.

The clever ones who’ll last and potentially profit the most learn to accept all the above and understand it (alpha 3/4/5,beta,launch) will be ready when it’s ready.

Sorry no guesstimate there but fwiw there’s been a bunch of positive signs in the last few months indicating progress on a number of fronts is accelerating.


Does Maid even have enough funding to support their group through 2021 without the fully baked product? 33+ employees strong now so idk because burn vs cash on deck is not publicly released info to us. I would hope we see something closer toward end of 2019 :slight_smile: .

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Thanks for your input and thoughts and you are quite correct hunches mean nothing ,it is good to read so many positive things,and the fact there taking there time can only be a good thing.cheers