Beta Glucan: Natures Secret

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Thought i would post this information as it relates to the virus situation in terms of possible protection should that become necessary (hope not)/ ie friends or family with weakened immune response.

This material was an expensive lab rarity only a decade ago until a North Carolina man (University of South Carolina, College of Pharmacy) managed to create a process for extraction at scale. His company is and the material he (AJ Lanigan) produces is the purest in the world.

Studies and info …

Anthrax-protective effects of yeast beta 1,3 glucans


Thanks for the link, it does sound promising and something that by all accounts (going by Amazon reviews at least) that helps certain people etc.

Haven’t really researched but I have been taking a mushroom extract, lions mane, for well over a year. The blurb talks about being very high in beta glutens

Wondering if this is the same? Assuming must be a lot weaker or not quite same substance going by the price differential (lions mane for say £20 for lots Vs your link which is £60 for not so much)

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Hello, @dairymail , in the video (in my initial post) he (A.J. Lanigan) explains that the Glucans derived from bakers yeast are more powerful than from mushroom. Unless you (or friends, family, etc) have an underlying health problem 100mg 60 caps should be great (£28.99 ). (not an affiliate link, and i don’t sell Beta Glucan)

For people with underlying health problems perhaps the higher dose (500 mg).

I don’t know anything about other products, there are loads on the market and it might be (high probability,imo) a false economy buying a cheaper product which may require many more capsules/material to get the desired immune response.

These are just my opinion having used the product from Transfer point, and NOT medical advice.
All the best.

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Thanks much for the info. Yes when I had a brief look it seemed there were a lot of other products with different strengths but prices all over the place. Happy to be still taking the lions mane although for nothing related to immune response.
I’ll watch the video later and definitely consider buying the real deal - the brief look I had did seem to suggest the lower dose should be at least doing something positive for immunity anyway :+1:

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