Best way to message the team (non-publicly)?

I’ve got a suggestion that could backfire if given publicly. How should I deliver it?

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Maybe message @frabrunelle? If it needs to be secure he might have telegram. If it’s pretty wild don’t be upset if your proposal is politely declined. Now you’ve got me curious. :laughing:

I’ll do that. It’s fairly basic and only moderately wild. Will post the idea here once it’s rejected.

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You could PM on here, or send an email, which ever you prefer?

Or use a shortwave numbers station + one time pad if that’s more convenient.


I have sent you a carrier pigeon and encrypted its thoughts with your public key


I’m concerned this pidgeon may have been compromised…

*** adds butter to pan ***


So, this suggestion was to buy the domain as I mistakenly thought it would be significantly less expensive than it (probably) is.