Best VPN - recommendations

What is the best VPN out there, I have used PIA in the past and currently use ExpressVPN but both have failed me when it comes to consistent geo-blocking.

Exchanges, seem to have upped their efforts since BitMEX landed in hot water.
But even ITV outsmarts both PIA and Express most of the time.

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I also used PIA before switching to ExpressVPN. Could you please post some example links you’re having problems with. Many sites just block known VPN addresses completely, regardless of geolocation.

Yes but it really should be basic requirement for them to keep these addresses changing often enough to stay ahead of the game or what are they charging for.

With our particular exchange dilemma it is especially frustrating.

The only other service I regularly try to use is ITV hub which has been a nightmare lately too.

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I wholeheartedly agree. Do let me know if you find one that does that. I contacted PIA (I think it was. Might have been NordVPN too.) about that and their “help desk” just straight out lied to me. But I need something.

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Was going to give them a try, what is your experience with them?

Not good. But it was quite a long time ago, so I don’t remember exactly what went wrong.

I have ExpressVPN now. Can you give me some links to sites to try to fool from here?

Sure thing, I’ll direct message you some links.

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You probably know about this list already.

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has anyone tried TorGuard?