Best Single-Board Computers Under $200


I don’t have any links - I did some research on this last year. The differences are possibly magnified in different ways in different setup with different hardware in any case, however being closer to the bus with a bigger and faster pipe is, in most scenario’s, going to be lower latency and with higher throughput IMO.

Edit – there are many pci SSD’s on the market these days - gamers use them a lot.


Commonly found on “single-board computers under $200”? I hightly doubt that!


I don’t know how many single board makes have pci slots … didn’t really think about that. but if it has a pci slot then you should be good.


Found some numbers for USB 2,0 and USB 3.0, USB 2.0 (0,125ms), USB 3.0 (0,030ms). To have some perspective I tried to ping Google (12ms), did not find numbers for pci. Don’t know if USB have significant latency to make a significance in performance.


I disagree that it is as simple as looking for the existence of some specific peripheral interface.

Example: If a future Raspberry Pi 5 comes with a PCI slot, I expect that to be glued on similarly hoorible as the ethernet and other periferals in existing models.

Cheap single-board computers operate on narrow margins, and therefore quicker hit various bottlenecks of their designs, compared to bigger boards. It matters not only what peripherals exist on a board, but also how sensibly it has been integrated, and how well it has been documented (or reverse-engineered) and how recently for its features to be optimally supported in software (e.g. Linux drivers).


This bloke has rolled his own.

The NODE Mini Server: A Computer For The Decentralized Age


Interesting, here’s the full link:


That guy seems to have cased his own - i.e. his work is modifications to and adding casing for existing boards.

And his first iteration is based on the Raspberry Pi…:

Please beware that Raspberry Pi, although popular, does not have good quality hardware and is lesser free than other more powerful boards (a non-free binary blob is required to boot). More info here and here and here.


Kobol have opened up for pre-ordering a 2nd batch now.

I have ordered 2 of their boxes, but the batch need ~100 orders more before August 5th or it will be cancelled, so anyone considering now is the time.


There is AMD’s power


Please, @robotcat, provide a link to the thing you are talking about - e.g. to check for availability and price (this thread is about cheap boards).

Also, it seems like an awful lot of power (the TDP value) those Ryzen boards consume, compared to ARM boards in general. Usage with SAFEnet is expected to mainly require lots of storage and availability, but not be heavy on computing power.