Best place for storing MaidSafeCoins?

heh I could have sworn it was you thats why I used it since I know you have a respectable rep here. But clearly I am mistaken then… hmmm not feeling comfordable with openledger at all now

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ah oke I get it now thank you

Use offline.

oke will try that thanks for all the tips everyone!

Public key. Bitcoin address is hash of public key.

ah oke still getiing fammiliar with all the terms but its getting a littl ebetter now

@happybeing you where right (offcourse haha) this was the topic I read about openledger : Easiest way yet to backup your MAIDsafe coins

Does anyone know if this is a risk of storing my coins. Will check out omni ofcourse but just wondering for the meantime if its safe …

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What are you referring to ? Openledger?

I have my MAID on OpenLedger. Seems pretty good to me.

The blockchain is a public ledger, so you can always see what is going on. You can use a block explorer to search for your address. A block explorer that supports Omni tokens is

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yes I mean openledger. Was the easiest solution at the time but since I didnt hear anyone about storing it there and saw somewhere that they use sha 1 I thought hmm maybe I have to recheck if this is a safe place to store my maid or find out how this works with omni

haha oke so im not the only one :slight_smile:

yes offcourse didnt think of that never used it before but will check it out for sure when using paper wallet thanks


when you say dont loose the password, i am assuming the login details for the wallet?

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Yes. If you lose the login details for the Omniwallet, nobody can help you access it.


Is already possible to store MAIDCOIN in some hardware wallet?

Not at this time. . .

any chance to add safecoins to trezor in the near future ?

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SAFEcoins do not exist (yet) so it cannot be done :wink:

MAID though is a omni protocol token and you need to ask trezor this question (are they going to allow omni tokens)

It was in the works


has anyone ever signed an Omni transaction offline? (MAID / Tether)

It looks like OmniWallet can do it somehow with Armory, but I can’t get any part of those to work as expected.

If I made the address with a regular bitcoin address generator, can I use it for this?

Has anyone ever done this successfully? (erc can do it with mew very easily :slight_smile: wish for eMAID)

please help :slight_smile: