Best place for storing MaidSafeCoins?

Download bitcoin core. Sync with the blockchain (might take a while). You have your windows wallet.

Send your maid to the BTC address in core.Then backup your wallet!

Easy peasy!

Okay, I finally created my Paper Wallet using and a printer. I didn’t go offline to do it and I didn’t have encrypt my private key. Maybe I should have for added security.

Then I sent $1 worth of MAID from my Poloniex account to my Public Address generated by

Once the withdrawal from Poloniex was complete, I went to and entered the Public Address in their Balance Check box and it showed my $1 worth of MAID!

When and if I want to move or send my MAID, I can add my Private Key to OmniWallet.

Do I get a passing grade, or only partial credit due to not going offline to create the Paper Wallet and not encrypting the Private Key?

In my opinion the safest way (and one that hasn’t really been talked about?) is to use Bitcoin Armory on an offline pc, send MAID to an address you generated with Armory. Make an OMNI wallet, import the Armory Offline address (don’t need to import the priv key, just the public key hex), use your OMNI wallet to create a transaction which then needs to be signed on the offline machine using Armory. Import signed transaction into OMNI and broadcast the transaction. Et voila, you’ve sent a transaction without exposing your priv key to the interwebs.

Read more here, under the section ‘What are Armory Offline Addresses’ ; Omniwallet™ - The Next Generation Wallet

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I looked at Armoury and decided it was more trouble than it’s worth. Electrum is very easy to set up and use, and it allows you to create a “watch only” version if your wallet on an insecure PC without risk.


As the topic says…how do you store Maidsafe coin using a paper wallet? I am new to the whole cryptocurrency world and I gotta admit, as dumb as I am to this whole thing, it’s very exciting! I have a Coinbase wallet that I’m pretty comfortable with using. However, they don’t offer any way for me to store my maidsafe coin. After reading numerous posts and blogs and newsletters I’m to the point where I have purchased MAID on Poloniex and created (at least I think I created) a paper wallet using which leaves me here…what exactly do I do next? How exactly do I move it from polo to my paper wallet? And how sure can I be that the wallet generated by bitaddress won’t be generated twice Or that bitaddress doesn’t store these addresses to where they may be susceptible to hacking? These may be dumb questions to you pro’s but I literally started getting into this about a month ago after reading a news article. So any of you pro’s willing to help out a newbie it would be very much appreciated. Have a nice day.

Hi Eli. may not be your best option. This link may have the information you are searching for.


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Actually, if you’re a noob then bitaddress is a good option imo… simpler the better while you’re getting used to how blockchains work. I used bitaddress for my offline wallets.

It really is much easier than you think.

When you create a key pairing at bitaddress that’s it… lol, see I told you it was easy ;). You just send your maids to the public address and note down very safely and probably in triplicate your secret key. You store maids just like btc. Once you have sent your maids from polo to this new address you can go to omni lookup to see your wallet/address and reassure yourself your coins are where they are supposed to be. When you want to send your coins somewhere you just go to your omni wallet, go to import address and stick your private key in there (no need for your address, it will know which coins are yours from the key alone, clever stuff ;)). Once imported your coins are now accessible in your omni wallet and you can send them back to polo or wherever and the rest to a new offline wallet to be stored again in the same way.

FWIW I would not leave any money on coinbase myself. I do not trust them, insured by lloyds of london or not ;). The great advantage of crypto is empowering yourself. I suggest you always control your own private keys where you can, so send your btc to an offline wallet in the same way, rather than leaving on coinbase for storage. Just one guys opinion ofc. Anything centralised is vulnerable, better to be master of your own fate than relying on others not messing up… an expensive lesson to learn the hard way.


Is there a more secure way to acquire a paper wallet? Another person
commented but it almost sounds like an online wallet…not too sure about
that route. Also wanted to thank you for taking the time to inform me the
way you did…it was very helpful!

Big lover of the project! Have been lurking for a few months.

So I’ve been accumulating a few bitcoins here and there.
I can see them on omniwallet by entering the bitcoin address that hold the tokens.

When I’m ready to sell, is there a way to send them without having to trust anyone? I’m a bit worried about the whole omniwallet concept.
I see that the service needs the private keys sent to their server in order to send the tokens wherever I want to “Private keys are never sent to the server except in an encrypted form”.

I don’t know they won’t send them elsewhere in a few months, after I have kept accumulating and decide to transfer them somewhere.

Is there a trust-less alternative?


Welcome to the forum! The only real way to move the maidsafe coins is ommniwallet by importing your private key. If where you are holding your coins is offline and secure (paper wallet) then you can wait till official network launch (not yet!) and trade your MAID for Safecoin 1:1 by importing your private key then. Hope this helps :smile: just wrote on another similar thread to feel free to search the forum as there are many useful threads pertaining to this topic

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After acquiring a paper wallet from, the public key, if I have bitcoin or ether, would I send these coin to that same public key? Would I use the same private key? Or should I generate new wallets for each coin? Also, is a trusted place to generate paper wallet addresses? Is there a more secure way to generate a wallet? If so, please leave your suggestion in detail. Thank you so very much!

Welcome :slight_smile: is good. Create paper wallets and immediately write down and or print your private key multiple times and store those in a safe place. Create a different address for each different coin type just for your own self organization and sanity! Send your coins to each corresponding address. It’s recommended to disconnect your internet after has loaded and then generate the address (offline). I hope this helps, also feel free to search the forum for long threads on such discussions.


So, can i just create a btc wallet using and send my maidsafe to this address from Poloneix directly?

Yes you can, but create a secure online back of that file/image. With secure online I mean an email drive with 2FA.

After your upload overwrite the file on your hard drive and delete it. You can also save the bitcoin address and send Maidsafecoin to it in the future, that way you don’t have to constantly expose the file.

And welcome to the forum @eli19maz83 @Narain_prakash

After creating a wallet using, once i send my maidsafe coins from Poloniex, how do i check the balance of the wallet?

How about using a hardware wallet? Would the Ledger Nano S be compatible with Maidsafe coins (it is able to store BTC)?

goto and put in your BTC pub address and should see maidsafe balance

Hi folks - I spent ages today trying to follow the advice on this page. I created a paper bitcoin wallet in the hope of transferring some maidsafe coin that has been sitting at the bitcoin address I used to buy them way back at the crowdsale,

The key issue for me is I access the bitcoin address where the maidsafe is, using multibit classic, what I can’t understand is how to move the maidsafe tokens from this address to anywhere else. I know they are there I can see them by using omnichest to view the bitcoin address; I just need some help getting them out of where they are.

Hope some patient person can set me in the right direction?


Do you have the private key? Import with the private key using omniwallet. You can then transfer as you please. Add 50 cents worth of BTC to the address to be able to send (transaction fee).
Sign into omniwallet, go to addresses, add address, import with private key and you are all set.

Thanks Savage - I was making the mistake of trying to import a wallet rather than importing the bitcoin address into my existing omniwallet account.

So I was able to access the bitcoin address by using the private key on omniwallet as you and others have advised - but - I couldn’t then send any maidsafe to another address using omniwallet due to recurring “server error” popping up in a red bar every time it tried to complete the transaction.

I tried switching from firefox to chrome as I heard that this can help - but to no avail (also tried logout / log back in).

Have you / anyone else reading encountered and overcome this “server error” issue?

Thanks again!