Best of the season to all

I’ve been around and lurking for years, but now is the first time since the beginning that it all felt possible and tangibly close. This may also be the last holiday season that we are a fairly insular and tigh-tish group. So I thought I would make a topic to reflect and give thanks.

This is and always has been one of the best communities in crypto. And the market is starting to notice again. All of this would not be possible without the tireless grinding of David and the entire staff, both present and past. I am, and will be forever, regardless of the outcome, grateful for your efforts and vision.

To the community, you are all generally incredibly thoughtful and bring diverse technical and realistic chops to every discussion. I value all of you, and it makes me smile to think that so many who have weathered every downturn will march forward together.

To the new year, to progress, and to a blow struck for real freedom, everywhere, for everyone, I salute you all. Best of the season, be well, and cherish those you love.


Thanks for the wishes! Happy holidays to you and everyone else in the community and the team!