Best name for a safe network Github development community?

I was tinkering with a script for maidsafe and thought
“Hey, you know what? Why am I writing on my own repository when it’s more useful for everyone to have a single place where people can download all the community projects third party developers are currently working on.”

So far I’ve created safenetwork-thirdparty, but I wonder… is safenetwork-community a better name?
Or do people here know an even better choice?

Anyway, here it is:

I’m a fan of acceptance vote for everything, so here’s the poll:

  • safenetwork-thirdparty
  • safenetwork-community
  • safenetwork-labs
  • sn_community
  • other

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The poll has closed, safenetwork-community wins!




Why not just Safe Network?

Community is better than third party though, a bit less cold.

Edit: brainstorming… Safe Network Labs?


Exactly what I was thinking about thirdparty, but a “competing” network’s community has named itself as such.
Labs sounds like a specific company.
Community it is.

@sam1 Great logo! Added.

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Cool! 20 char :smile:

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Updates version
Kopie van Powered by


sn_community :slight_smile:

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Now I’m torn between safenetwork-community and this, although sn_community sounds like a safe network dapp.

I would have thought “SafeHub” would have been a front runner. Has the feel of GitHub

Geh :slightly_frowning_face:, I was going to add that option, but polls don’t let themselves be edited after five minutes. You’re going to have choose other.

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I think “awesome_<project>“ is pretty normalised. There’s lots in that vein out there

Although that maybe sounds like the Safe replacement for GitHub, like what happy being is working on, i.e. an app itself, rather than a repo to access all the community apps.


I would call this one SafeGit (implementation of git protocol over safe network).

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Either way, sounds more producty than collection

My first idea was SafeSpace, but “community” is good.

Safe Garden


How about something with personality like “Locksmiths”?..

Rust has ‘unofficial’.


Sounds good, but I’ll leave it at community with 6 votes out of 12.

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