Best farming hardware

Thats great thanks for your reply.
That one is a hp workstation iv repurposed which is on 24/7 anyway its actually amazingly efficient for its power.
Iv actually got 2 machines already so could set up 2 nodes from the get go my other is an old gaming pc which alot less compute so that sounds ideal.

There should be no reason you cannot run multiple nodes on the one machine. Even if there was a limitation of one node per machine then running VMs solve that as each VM (Virtual Machine) is its own machine. But I do not think there will be such a limitation.

Ah thats great I can fill the workstation then, just a case of how many is to many for the hardware then :laughing:

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I think for the computer you have the only limitation will be the internet link speed/bandwidth you have. If you have a quota then that also is another limitation.


Iv got 200mb fiber with 225 down and 50 up so you may well be right as the upstream isn’t too strong

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I would think 10 nodes at least with 50 up. Remember nodes are not going to be uploading constantly. (I would expect)

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Thats great thanks for your help

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Great update from HQ! Can’t wait for the next test net.

I’ve got rigs… they’re multiplying…

Got a really slow manufacturing line going on here. Upping ssd to 1TB.

Plan to have a stack of plug n play farming rigs ready to suprise and gift to family and friends a little later down the line… with the latest SAFE gui apps.


Few years ago I bought a PINE64 64-bit 2GB ram. Never fired it up but I guess its a similar setup as the raspberry. Right now they are also providing 8gb ram: Quartz64 Model B | PINE64 with ARM processors. I have zero knowledge when it comes to these kind of setups but would this kind device be suitable for running a (multiple) node(s) and would it be able to support a four bay NAS of 32TB. Or am I totally of track?

What do the experts suggest if I want to provide 32TB?

You’ll definitely need a fast internet connection, both download and upload

So I got 500 Mbps upload speed, planning on getting this cause it’s well priced

I wonder though, isn’t it better to invest in smaller storage spaces in order to maximize the farm returns? The network has logarithmic returns to scale as I understand so several 8TB nodes running individually may have a faster payback period than one 32TB one? IDK. Maybe I’m overestimating the scale diff.


It’s too early to know but once we have stable testnets and the algorithms are finalised people can start to work out the trade offs. Personally I’m going to stay with small low power devices and maybe just use memory storage, but not because I’m sure this is the ‘best’, it suits me.

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Yes, still given the semiconductor shortage, I feel like it would make some sense to calculate based on the SafeID of the owner of the node rather than on the size of the node itself in order to still incentivize building efficiently-sized rigs for the purpose of storage. I would love to get a nice safe-sized storage device to just run a node with 64TB or around that.

Base reward per person rather than storage added?

Would be gamed and wouldn’t help add storage space.

I’ve been thinking about getting a NAS, but I want it to be able to run open source software, preferably a regular 64-bit Linux. I think an AMD processor would be good. Any ideas? I can’t see what Terramaster runs.