Best farming hardware


A nice simple app to run on a synology/qnap/freenas box would be perfect!

Easy install, local storage, low (ish) power…



I have an Odroid HC2 running now for the community network.
I think it’s great for the SAFE Network. It’s more powerful than a Raspberry and is has an aluminium dock for a 3.5 SATA hdd that acts as a passive cooler as well.


Pine64 will also be one to watch, I think.


I deep checked all options and Ondroid-HC2 looks very promising also for me. It has not best support and prices in Europe, but it is doing exactly what vault should do.


Nice product, shocking customer service. Never got my full rewards from their kickstarter campaign and very little response from them.


Are you interested in making and selling me one?


I like Odroid, still have my earlier ones, but next time I will look at open source hardware first.

See @Jonas’ post:


For those with slightly deeper pockets than the $150 mark I generally track, but still caring about hardware being Open Source (i.e. not “open to some llittle extend just enought to attract buyers” but OSHW certified!), I dearly recommend considering the $199 Helios:

I believe it is the only available OSHW certified board using ECC memory chips.


I can help setting it up with a complete idiot guide :wink:
A basic setup (for testing) is not that difficult, and you need to gain some experience with it, because you probably want to use the device for the next Alpha tests as well. So you need to reinstall it yourself anyway. Having a good guide +some experience is better then.

But ordering is actually the most difficult part, because there are not many resellers:
And shipping from Hardkernel (South Korea) is quite expensive, you need to order at least 2 devices for a decent price per unit. + you have to pay customs.