Best farming hardware


I’ve used C.H.I.P.s in the past when vaults were being tested at home and they worked fine, even over WiFi.

Also good as an off-line key generator for 9$

They are indeed cheap and I’ve yet to break one and tehy have a smart crew behind them who respond.


Right, but getchip/next thing Co are out of them and have been for over a year. They are okay, single core etc, but they are limited and accessory heavy (you can do otg tty console in putty if you are so inclined)


I’d like to know where @faddat is at too



I’m in Chengdu.

I left Buffalo via Toronto on the third, spent a night in Beijing, visited Shenzhen, met with a friend who will likely supply the brain of the farmer, went to Fogang, a suburb of Guangzhou, to see another friend, and came to Chengdu to learn more about another crypto related Enterprise.

I’ll be leaving Chengdu tomorrow.

Unfortunately any comment on pricing at this time would be idle speculation, so I’m going to decline to comment.

…I’m exhausted but having a great time.


I’m just glad your still around @faddat. I’m sure I’ll still be here when you finalise a price. Good luck on your travels.



Probably the best?:wink: :dollar:


The SAFE Network will even make this possible


Curious. How would you go about hooking up a LaCie Thunderbolt 3 to the SAFE network?


I think by first hooking it up to your computer and have the SAFE vault running on your computer. Just like now with external hard drives.


Would be worth for price/power the 6big 12tb?


It’s better to go for the 120TB, the SAFE Network needs to conquer this world. ico with friends & family to get the money and hook it up in the place with the fastest internet speed.

I can’t wait to see ico’s, specific to buy hardware and provide resources to the SAFE Network. Maybe a multisig SAFE Vault would be a good solution to distribute SAFEcoin among the share holders


OK, so it needs a PC or Mac to make it smart enough to connect. I guess RAID is not required.


So if I buy 2 x 120TB and a mac mini (has 2 thunderbolt ports), I’ll be good to go? :grinning:


Yeah unfortunately you still need a computer. Hardware manufacturers will realize quick enough to start production for SAFE Network specific hardware. Like they do now for bitcoins, tech like SAFE Network might create a shortage of hard disks, bring faster internet speed and get a lot of people out of poverty, insanity :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It would also help to have an incredible good internet connection, 1gb minimum.

People will probably put up data centers with lightning speed internet connections and pay out monthly to token holders (your token has it’s own value and generates value (like Interesting business models…


i thought it was pronounced LaCIE with emphasis on the CIE. He says it like he is talking about a certain collie dog.


This line was :hotdog: Lacie, Lassie LOL



Large drives may not be the best approach - they won’t suddenly be filled with data, and most of the data will not be accessed very often.

You will probably do better with more smaller vaults, so either running many vaults which share a drive (so your PC spec and bandwidth matters here), or using multiple small computers each with a smaller drive, or some mixture of these etc.

Nobody knows yet TBH, but take time to read up and discuss before buying anything (says the man who bought two SBC’s back in 2014 :wink:).


Haha I’m renting a small server for more than a year now xD because I thought I’d never get a better rate and it would be worth renting it for the short while before launch too xD

But turned out to be handy in some situations already to have a spare server xD… So not too bad nonetheless =D


Im really curious about mining safecoins in the future to support the network but also cause its possible here.

Now i did run some vaults just for fun but i wonder what will be the max that i can get out of a 500 mb/s internet connection. that will not be sure at this stage cause the network is not live but i cant wait till it is.