Best farming hardware


Thank you for this, very useful!!


Does farming is still profitable in 2017 ?


The network has not launched yet. There is no farming yet.


How to Mening the Сoins?


You can’t mine the coins yet (actually we can it ‘farming’ because it is based on proof of resource rather than proof of work). This will begin with test SafeCoin but that is some way off. Alpha 5 at the earliest I think.

You can buy MAID / MaidSafeCoin on exchanges in the mean time, and when the network is live they can be converted 1 for 1 into SafeCoin.


Was looking into some cool hardware, just hard to buy anything without a good estimation when mining will be launching.
The tech is moving so fast.




This is the first time that I see a 50TB desktop + Gigabit Ethernet and your set to farm :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hmmmmm 14K euro’s :face_vomiting: if you could farm 14K SAFEcoins/month it would be a good deal I guess :triumph:


Many new desktops are capable of this if they have the room for 5 x 10TB drives. At $600 AUD each that would be an additional 3000 AUD on top of a higher end new desktop.


Yeah you could definitely create 3 systems with sucha setup.

Farming will really push computing to the bleeding edge

Countries with mb/s will become the third world countries in the SAFE Network era and countries with gb/s internet speed will become the Startrek enterprice. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Means in holland we are pretty fine with fiberglass connections, but not yet ordering any set-up yet cause idk when the farming start yet.

Anyone found any hardware that doesnt use a lot of electro ?


In January I will have a spec on a very power efficient farmer, and should start taking preorders Feb/Mar.

I’m thinking along the lines of preorders to ship when vault code drops… What do you think?


amazing! can you share more?



…not until January :). Well, at least, that’s all I can share about the spec for now-- that it’ll be energy efficient and implement my opinion of what’ll make the best possible farmer based on the information available.

I suppose the other information that I can give is a little more personal. I’ve spent several years of my life in China. First in a Shanghai suburb, and later in Shenzhen. In January, I’m moving back to Shenzhen (hence the timing.) There, I’ll have access to the entire universe of that which consumes electricity, and I plan to use that access to support SAFE wherever and however possible. It’s my hope that this move will be the start of my role in developing, testing and selling SAFE hardware.


@faddat do you have any idea on your price ?


I’ve seen recommendations for SAS, RAID, and ZFS in the forums and the wiki. For example, here is a good link that describes the merits of SAS as a protocol and gives some food for thought with respect to RAID.

It seems to me that SAFE would completely address these concerns and make the accompanying expensive hardware solutions completely obsolete as long as farmers would not get demoted or penalized too harshly for a single chunk loss from time to time. For example, even if a vault was dealing with drive failure and half the chunks requested failed, the vault owner could still earn. Furthermore, they might use relative trends in safecoin earning rates as a general indicator of hardware health.


thinking pine 64
usb 2.5 hdd adapter
running linux
config unknown to me now, but the pine is stupid easy to keep running, sooooo…


I am just starting to learn about this stuff. What do you think of an ODROID-HC1 instead of the Pine 64?


Pine h/d maybe fine, but the backup support for pine64 is very bad. After many repeated attempts they could not even get their kickstarter rewards correct and virtually no response from them ever.

So honestly I would choose other suitable h/w and pass on Pine64 because of the support issue.


@neo Agreed, but keep the pricepoint low. Don’t invest in a toy when it might get fried if you look at it funny (they fry easy, or really it’s likely I am “reckless”).

@Jonah I only like it due to it’s cheap. I fry stuff & void warranties. I just like cheap. The device you pick needs to be well supported. Don’t know that the pi ones are, but I know many people love them

Also word to the wise, try dietpi for getting your feet wet if you want fast and easy. And it’s debian based, so that can be a plus (what Ubuntu is based off of)