Best farming hardware


No caption? What is it about?


Saw this on r/bitcoin;

Hardkernel to Launch Stackable $49 ODROID-HC1 Home Cloud & $200 ODROID-MC1 Cluster Solutions

Might this be something for us to work with?


Thanks for info ! I can afford to be a large farmer at that price


This looks like a good cluster too useing odroids. Anyone useing the pico clusters?


Thanks for this info: best cluster I’ve seen sofar!


Although I don’t think you will need a cluster since a simple arm based SBC was able to run node s/w previously. The best h/w is such that it can run the node/vault software and have reasonable access speed to disk and internet, but does not draw much power. This means a lean system and a cluster seems overkill and expensive.


Clusters at this price are hard to resist. But you’re making sense.


Yea, last time we had Arm nodes/vaults, I ran one on a 9$ SBC with a spare USB stick. Nothing terrific, single core 1Ghz CPU. It was using less than 5Watts and typically less than 10% CPU processing. Oh and it was WiFi and worked just fine.


That’s amazing! Compared to btc mining, what a breeze. Another sure sign that is going to be the bomb! So looking forward to this advanced and world changing tech. Such great and meaningful work going on here. Feels like history in the making!

Having such spartan requirements incentivizes for very many people all over the world to take part.


Lots of great information in this thread. Thanks to everyone who has contributed their thoughts and suggestions!

I didn’t see the wiki FAQ on farming linked so I wanted to share: . Basic overview noting some of the requirements/considerations when building a farm node.

I’d love to run FreeBSD (maybe FreeNAS) but will probably start out with some flavor of Linux. Still thinking through the specific drive configuration.

I’m also debating if I should use the same machine I use for local network storage, just giving the free space to SAFE Net. Anyone considering running a SAFE Net node on an existing NAS to take advantage of unused space?


I will be investigating something like that … a bit of a different tack to the Pi route (vastly more expensive), but seeing as I am building a NAS for multifunctional use anyway (Home media, backup, extra cores for distributed workloads). Based on this line of boards : SUPERMICRO X10 allows some pretty killer system builds, although at a price.

Xeon D chips, the six core option draws 35W (eight core 45W), benchmarks like a top of the line laptop i7, and has 10Gb ethernet… can achieve 10us latency and max out a SATA RAID bandwidth over my home network (bottled by the internet connection for Safe). Safenet should run easily on one core with tons left for all other uses. Will let everyone know how it works. Definitely not the best cost/benefit unless you count adding Safe as ‘free’ because the hardware was already going to be there.


My best tip of the day for farming rigs…

Befriend an American college student, or from other countries, where the dorms they live in don’t charge them per kilowatt hour for electricity. No idea how it varies in the UK, but in the states, I’ve never seen a dorm where students had to pay electricity.

Whether you’re mining BTC or farming SAFE, removing the electricity cost makes your ROI equations a lot easier to calculate (with more left in it for you at the end).


Hi All,

Is it realistic to envision a MaidPhone built from the ground-up to work on the Safe Network, as well as being a decentralized node constantly. Everything on it would work according to the values of Safe (Encryption, Open-Source, individual freedom-oriented). One phone may not be a lot of power, but together with many others, it could be the backbone to a strong network.
Obviously, I’m no expert, this was just an idea that came from oblivion. Cheers!


So there’s no farming at all currently??


Not yet. We should have some idea when the farming testnets go up around the same time that alpha 4 launches. Stay tuned, but in an ideal world, alpha 3 and 4 shouldn’t take as long as 2 to get out.


Hard to imagine, but true, that the Excito B3 has no UK sellers on eBay. I was ready to buy one, but the only option is from Germany and it’s about 50% more expensive than in USA.

Sounds like a ready made business idea for some enterprising soul.


Neither of those (Excito or Odroid U3) are options atm, so I bought and set up at least three years too early :slight_smile: (though I already had the B3). So I’m expecting to buy something new once we get to test SafeCoin, but with the same approach: low power SBC with biggish reliable disk on reliable broadband. Mainly for fun though. And I’ll probably join the merry band who try cloud farming in the early days at least. David will no doubt be keen to see a solar powered setup, so I won’t rule that out. A bit tricky but let’s see :slight_smile:


AAAah! I guess a wind/rain powered rig would be ideal for us on the west coast of Scotland heh.

Guess I’ll keep my eye out for a very low power drain rig like the Excito.


Hey guys,

I was wondering what kind of hardware one would need to buy for the most efficient farming?
Thank you.


Hey, Anthony,

This should give you some ideas.