Best farming hardware


OK, the thing is that i have both options, to make a rig of 20 or more odroids (8 core, 2 GB ram and 1 HHDs of 1 TeraByte) i have a 100 Mb Bandwidth connection in my office so i could dedicate between 40 to 50 Mb of Bandwidth to the rig with out any problem.

The second option is to Install 1 odroid (8 core, 2 GB ram, 1 HDDs 1 Tera Byte) in 21 different location with 2 Mb Bandwidth (this because the connections are between 10 and 20 Mb, so i could not use more then 2 Mb for the network because it has other users)

What it would be best? it should be the same or not?

i see that the test you were doing are base on a 6 Mb so to support any node it has to be at least 6 Mb no matter if the hardware it´s has fast or slow processor and big or small HDDs etc.


I think we will know when it´s up and running, any way i’m in


This is the real situation. We simply don’t know until the minimum node bandwidth is known.

Speculation on my part

If you have 21 locations of 10-20Mbits/sec of which you can use 2Mbps in each AND nodes (vaults) only require around 2Mbps bandwidth then I would still think that that this is a better situation than the 100Mbps (50Mbps usable)

The reasons being

  • if network fault/slowdown at office than ALL vaults/nodes affected. This can be a full outage, the firewall/gateway at office fails or change in it affects vaults. Or ISP has fault, power outage at office.
  • office is centralised so any fault affects all nodes/vaults
  • 21 locations means you get benefits that one fault does not affect all
  • You have more available bandwidth if some nodes heavily used for a small period. Whereas at office if a few have increased bandwidth for a minute then it may adversely affect the office.
  • You never know when the “office” may start objecting to the bandwidth usage,


That´s a good point, that will be my first test, any way i don’t i’m going to stop there so eventually i will have more hardware than locations so i will start building bigger rigs for one or two locations (house and office)


I have tried with the odroid devices but can’t install maid on them.
It doesn’t work for ARM processors.


Depends, it did work in Odroid, but since then you need a more up to date kernel than they support.


What About any android box, just wondering


In time I think so, but probably not right from the start unless somebody in the community does this themselves which is probably not that hard. It depends if anyone is motivated to try.


it shouldn´t be that hard some of them come with pure android 6,0, if the idea is that people can farm even with their phones this should be posible, also you can install linux in them. Its a good option because some of them are as cheap as any odroid or even raspberry and have good processor and ram with usb 3.0 ethernet 100/1000, you can add any usb hard drive with usb 3.0 it get good speed, so it´s cheap-good hardware,


Not for the tests and alphas. But it is certainly planned and if you go back a few dev updates there is already work being done to ensure android and phones can use SAFE


See this for cross compiling vaults to arm or aarch64, takes a little work but you can run vaults on arm devices (I do it very regularly)!


Hello guys, do you guys think farming would work on a Raspberry Pi Zero?

Haha this is getting ridiculous, haha can we get cheaper than $5 ?
This is like an reverse auction, who offers less!

Any updates on the tests on RaspberryPi Zero, CHiP, Pine64?


It seems to be lacking an ethernet port however, so for farming this board will not do. But it could indeed set a trend for cheaper hardware IS useful for farming.


Mind you I had a CHIP which also does not have a ethernet port to work fine with the early vaults which had a ARM binary. EDIT it does have WiFi though.



I was thinking maybe the vault could run directly on a ddwrt equipped router.


Now that I think about it, I should have somewhere stored away in a box an old USB1 10Mbit ethernet adapter, which I needed for connecting my first laptop the www. Old times…

I’m so spoiled nowadays, taking Gbit/wifi ports for granted :joy:


So are all we old timers. Ever tried to communicate with 75 baud modems. (75 bits/sec) or acoustic 300 baud modems. Used to be able to whistle the 300 baud connection sequence good enough to fool the modem because I used it so much.


So you’ll be, Captain Milo, - Froot Loops? Hon(orar|e)y Maid!

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