Best farming hardware


My thoughts is a small SBC ARM computer such as a Pi or CHIP that uses around 3 watts peak (minus storage power)


But they prob cant handle more then (a couple of vaults) , i got 500mb upload and download and i almost dont use it so i can run a nice amount i supose.

I got some pine64 plus version at home i wonder if they will work.


When the early vault tests were done and there was a ARM build, the CPU usage for 1 vault was very small. So if it was allowed I could have run 10 vaults.

But the question will be how much CPU usage will be needed when its running a full node software

I say they would walk over a CHIP since they have 4 cores and not one like CHIP


Good news for everyone as well, Rust are looking to make ARM teir 1 platform. So this will all be simpler, not that it’s too hard right now for us to build ARM


I binned my chips, got the new pi zero w arriving in a couple of days.


Can you give us your feedback on how they will work, there so cheap almost unthinkable that you can actually run something on it :smiley:

What Os are you going to use on them ?


For sure, guessing raspbian.


Easy to install vaults on it, never used a rasp Pi just Remix os and Android


Very, when we release .deb packages. Just apt install safe_vault etc.


Great to hear will order some Raspi Zero and install it in every family/friends house, so they can earn some safecoin and learn it.


My opinion only

I’d wait till we are well into beta testing before buying anything apart from one to test with. Things change, the software will have changed, but more importantly so will have the hardware world.

For instance SSD prices also are dropping a lot over time and maybe SSDs on a Zero will draw less power and be cheaper than a USB hard drive.


Yea your right on that got the chip aswell so can slowly start testing for myself


Yeah Mick, dirt cheap solar powered battery backed and everywhere but milspec tough, tougher than a gshock watch, emp harden some. Every solar roof should be speckled with them. Every self driving car can be a node fusing cognitive radio mesh and LiFi and let it all run SAFE. And let it wed with platforms like Open Garden’s mesh SDK and end up on an ocean of smart phones. Its trespassing but these could be tossed onto roof tops and light up a city over night. Solar cell on both sides so the always land cell side up.


i see that the way will be distributed safecoin it will be best to have many small vaults the just a big server with lots of HDDs and CPUs dedicated to the net work, so what if some person, company uses there big servers with a bunch of VPS, Linux Containers, Dockers what ever, for farming safecoin working as a pool but it´s only one person or company running and owning them? it wouldn’t be the same as the have the big server running for the same purpose?

I ask this because in my case i have the opportunity to use 21 different location between family, business place and other, to run one device in each location that can and will be farming safecoin, i was thinking something like:

1 Odroid 8 core 2 GB ram
1 1 terabyte HDD
at least 2 MG internet connection
Android or Linux (will see whats best)

In each location

So i would have a Pool that combined it will give 21 8 core processors, 21 terabytes HDDs, and 42 MB or internet connection for 24 hours. (something like that)

It’´s this better the have a cluster rig with all this hardware and a 50 MB internet connection in my house or office?


Bandwidth is the killer for you. Each vault will need bandwidth.

So better to have vaults in different locations than all of them in one place.


even if it´s a short bandwidth like 1 or 2 MB it will be more efficient that way than to have a bigger connection let´s say 50 or a 100 MB, for the moment i don´t aspect a real income from this my intentions are to contribute to the project and help it grow. But it´s good to know what will be more efficient for the network and for the farming system.


1 or 2 MB in multiple places

bigger connection let´s say 50 or a 100 in one place


How can we not know can it not be calculated?


Not sure what you are trying to say. So my reply may not be good.

Each vault needs a minimum bandwidth to be considered good enough to join the network and remain.

For the last testnet it was 6Mbits/sec. this is expected to be significantly less in the live network. But still quite significant. So a 1-4 Mbits/sec link is not going to support many nodes/vaults.


No testsafecoin or farming algorithm has been created yet so it’s all guesswork until we know how the rewards actually work.