Best farming hardware


No sorry, and I’d say not till at least mid alpha will we have a good idea of what is good, and likely not till mid beta could anyone make a system “sellable for SAFE vaults”.

I just a part fulfillment of my pine 64 order today. Then busy for 3 weeks so not till after then can I do any testing of it.


Not sure if i know what im doing but i’m ready to contribute to the safe network! just got this today :slight_smile:


i was thinking about the quality of the SAFENET nodes, with raspberry pis runing the network,
It will not work too slow?


The speed of any node’s connection to the Internet will be the main limiting factor.

The geographic separation of the nodes might also have a significant role in determining the response time (latency) to client requests.


Please take my advice and do NOT buy this computer just yet. I purchased mine several months ago through the Kickstarter program and finally got it hooked up and “running” with ubuntu. I did not purchase the wifi adapter card since I was planning to use a USB wifi dongle instead. Unfortunately, no dongles are currently supported. Fine, I then plugged the card directly into my router using an ethernet cable. The computer is connected to the router; however, I cannot establish an internet connection. Overall, there is minuscule support to deal with problems and I imagine that this all will take time to work the bugs out. For now, from a vault perspective, I have a useless brick.


It can get super hot where I live like 40+ degrees Celsius.

I been considering cooling options.

Doubt this is something I will do but just thought I would share, I had never even heard of this before.

I’ll probably just move my rig closer to Antarctica. I hear that’s what they do with the super computers up North.


I bought 10 pine64s and had problems with 2. Those 2 still booted but were painfully slow to use.

My edimax usb wifi dongle worked out-of-the-box using debian and xfce on the pine64. I’m installing ubuntu now so will see if the wifi dongle works with that. Ethernet is definitely working with ubuntu, it’s downloading packages as I type this.

Pine64 is clearly still at early-stage development, but I think it will be good for vaults once it gets a similar level of community support that the raspberry pi has seen. I hope you have more success with it in the future, wish I could suggest something to help you not have a brick! Maybe try debian.


Thoughts on this?
Ticks my boxes for plug n play.


From the website:

8001 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618, USA

Suspicious if you ask me :wink:


Coincidence maybe, good omen definitely.

I hear they over heat due to the battery but I guess that can be removed. Only negative thing I found so far.


This is interesting. I wonder how low.

For example, I have a fast internet connection, a few TB to spare, but only a low energy APU with PicoPSU computer that’s running Linux 24/7. Would that work, or will the APU be a bottleneck?

Assuming the client works in Linux, what about a Synology NAS?

What about a high-speed router running OpenWRT or AsusWRT linux with USB attached storage?

If those would work, we’d really have an interesting low-power alternative to mining.


I think you mean a vault as opposed to client in this case. I agree we need vaults running on all types of machine. Rust cross compiling is rapidly advancing (pretty immense just now) and this should/will happen. The clients so far are all gui based (xorg) command line clients will come though, my laptop uses non gui linux (well Alpine).

So vaults are for farming, clients are for users , some of us will use text mode software for clients as well though.


I assume this means vaults too. Routers and NASses are headless, so they need a non-GUI vault.

Ah, thanks for clearing up the terminology for me. :slight_smile: I’m new to this, but very interested.


No vaults are headless, so Ok there. There is a json config though to change your wallet address/space used so there will likely be gui admin tools, but the vaults themselves are headless.


Ah, yes, that’s what I meant with the quote, “command line clients”. Sorry for being ambiguous. You answered my question either way. Thanks you.


I received this in an email and I thought it was worth sharing here. Apparently, it is private cloud device, which sounds up our street…


Hey everyone,

I have some questions that im not really sure about.

Is it possible to run more then one farming rig on one IP adress.

Anyone know what will be better for example 10 pine64 with 128 gb usbdisk
Or one pine64 with for example a WD 2 TB hd.


Nextcloud Box - We are currently taking orders for this product and anticipate shipment by October 17th, 2016.


I think it might be cheaper to just buy a Hd, just your missing the box but its cheaper.


That is the plan, but for recent tests when vaults were allowed on users PCs the restriction has been one vault per IP (subnet). But this is a testing restriction and not a design feature.