Best farming hardware


Hey everyone,

New to Safecoin Farming but i read a lot post already and thinking about setting up a own system to contribute to the community and the coin.

So far the (pine 64) looks good as a start did anyone here already ordered it? and then im aiming mostly for the $29 one , Pictures showed up where it was already running linux, but what concern me is the usb 2.0 hub will it be powerfull enough to support an external Hardisk?

Also can people maybe give advice about great HDD or SDD and what the benefit of both of them?

The problem here (The Netherlands) is that the power each kw/h is huge like 0,24$ kw/h so i wanna build a durable system that can run for a longer while.

Is there already a testnet available to test setups?

Thx everyone in advance, really excited about safecoin


There’s really no need for a gfx card on a farming rig. Idk if that’s taking up any wattage if you’re running it headless though.


@Bacobob I think @neo ordered a Pine due for delivery this month IIRC.


Anyone have any good Hd options ? Cause no matter what computer i will use eventually the Hd will always be oke, I just hope a external usb hd wil suit for farming.


Go Western Digital as none of my WD have ever failed (started using them in the early 1980’s, they just grow too small), but Seagate do. External drives need to be externally powered. There is a possibility that the external 2" drives may be low enough power usage to not overload the bigger of these small computers. But they cost so much more than a externally powered larger drive.


Yea but with the Pine64+ it needs to be supported by a usb 2.0 i wonder if that influance the speed a lot.


I didn’t read through the entire thread, way too long, someone should go ahead and condense it into a wiki page or something.
The search within topic just shows me a spinny thing forever, so I don’t know if this has been mentioned. But there’s a kickstarter for a board called the Udoo X86. The specs and the price of the basic one are as follows:
UDOO X86 Basic:

  • Intel® Quad Core up to 2.00 GHz
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 1xHDMI, 2xminiDP++
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • eMMC 8 GB
  • 3 usb 3.0 ports
  • SATA connector
  • 2 M.2 Slots (one for Wi-fi adapter, one for high speed SSD)
  • microSD Slot
    Cost: 109 dollars.

It also has an Arduino tacked onto it, but that’s not of much interest to us.
It seems like a really good price for what it is though. Note that it is X86_64, so no special ARM version of software required.
If you want 4 gigs of RAM and a slightly beefier CPU, the price jumps up to 129 dollars a piece, which is still in the correct range.

You can find the Kickstarter at


And… another interesting option to throw into our pot! Thanks @Onaka

This might be good for someone who wants a dedicated rig and has enough bandwidth to run several vaults in one machine - that would be the way to pay for the extra power consumption and cost of this compared to the more ligtweigt SOC options.


I’d like to ask about the (in a sense) opposite scenario, of a minimal node. Since farming of coin (efficient or otherwise) is quite a way off, but test networks are here, and test networks tend to tie up resources as well as requiring quorums of nodes. Also, test networks tend to be unstable. I’m not talking about the droplet network which is a way of insulating app devs from the grunge of actual networking. I’m coming from the perspective of a vault manager, but experimental rather than farming.

Also, a small, cheap device could be handed around to friends or might be taken to work and plugged into a desktop switch under ones desk. :slight_smile:

Ideally it could be instructed to download the latest safe_vault binary. That’s almost doable right now, we just need a standard source of binaries at a common address instead of under individual github tags. You can see how such features segue into the farming rig of the future, a year or two from now perhaps, by evolution.

What would be a minimal, cheapest network appliance that might run a vault and could be rebooted at a press of a button?

EDIT: Well, waddya know! The long-awaited $9 CHIP is promised to be shipping “June 2016”:

EDIT1: A network port is in my spec, and CHIP doesn’t have one.

EDIT2: The ARM cpu is not yet supported? That sucks. So it has to be an Intel/AMD architecture.


I was going to mention this. Mine is in the last KS batch since I ordered the “pocket CHIP” too.

But it should be able to do what you are suggesting. But it should be able to run a vault too when 32bit ARM s/w is released.[quote=“bluebird, post:353, topic:99”]
The ARM cpu is not yet supported? That sucks. So it has to be an Intel/AMD architecture

That will not be far behind.

It does have wifi and for a small device (32bit ARM etc) that will probably be about right. Rock up to any free wifi spot and surf the safe network.


I wasn’t talking about farming, nor surfing, i.e., not the production network at all, which we won’t see for (I estimate) at least a year, maybe two, but testing networks, which we will have an abundance of during that interegnum. Actually, it’s going to be a fierce wild west of test. And I like to avoid having unnecessary sources of high-frequency radiation.


Ah I see (20 char - said the blind man to the deaf man :slight_smile: )


I hear you. Just to reiterate my point in the OP: out of the mashup of testing rigs we can expect to see the farming rig emerge, but the requirements of the former are an abbreviated version of the latter: they just need to be cheap, without much storage, easily accessed by SSH, low power. They might resemble later, low capacity versions of farming rigs, but some will hypertrophy into great archival vaults in their final form.


Me too. I thought I was the only one.


Has anybody looked into CHIP, at $9 with Bluetooth and wifi built in I could not help myself I got 2… seems silly not to!

Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Mine are in the mail as we speak. They seem beefy enough to act as a vault and at <10 Watts you could have a solar cell and Li battery and have zero energy running costs.

I am of the view that a couple of vaults using WiFi is not going to experience significant lag/delay problems since link speed will be a bigger factor for most, including myself.


That being the case, that the Internet link is the bottleneck, what is the use case for such devices compared to having the same number of vaults on a PC? The most obvious case is connecting them to a corporate (wifi) LAN, or (free, or part of the service) commercial hotspot such as at a cafe or hotel.


$9 board and $26 128GB drive… and you got a great little low cost vault @ $35 out the door.
Mine only arrive in July let me know how yours go!


For me part of the plan is to enlist family members connections. Can’t ask them to keep their pc’s running 24/7 but none will mind a mini vault forgotten behind a shelf.
At home I’ll take a different approach of course.


OK, I’ve ordered one, along with a case. After it arrives I’ll get a charger and drive from local sources.