Best farming hardware


I had one that crashed on my within a year. That was samsung. I forgot which model but it was an quite old model.

I have another one, and it is still running fine in the last two years. I do have fears that it will die between now and next year. I am being caution on ssd because it is the same form as usb flash drives which therefore more prone to failure. Flashdrives has died on me every 6 months or so.


I can attest to Western Digital Green 1TB drives being 100% reliable over…I’m guessing 5 years now.


When discussing HDD MTBF etc the BackBlaze annual reviews are always very useful.


I am cautious about using WD Green when it comes to farming. They were getting very short lifespans due to intellipark when using Linux. My concern is regular gets from the network will have a similiar effect.


Yeah, I’m using them on Windows and not really asking much of them. I’m probably going to rent a server to play around with farming due to uplink/ bandwidth constraints…so not sure what I’ll end up with.


I heard green is pretty bad at performance, and lifespan. But glad to hear yours is still running for 5 years.


All my greens are healthy and some I have since greens came out. None have dies, but not all are in constant use. Greens are not for constant read/write use.

On the other hand I had a seagate 1.5TB die yesterday, and doubt it saw 2 years of actual use. Seagate in the last 10 years have been very poor at surviving.

I cannot remember the last WD to die.

And I have been using WD drives since the very early eighties (14" dirves) odd interface then 8" then 5" then 3.5" through the decades with changing interfaces ( ST506/IDE/SATA )


Another possibility; Pine A64. There’s a 2gb version for $29.


I have my one on order and hoping to get it soon


@neo when is it due and do you know if they are on target? Also how are they are getting on with OS support - there were some questions over that I think!

Please post updates about it - it’ll be a nice option to include.


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The Seagate 8TB ST8000AS0002 priced around 3 cents/GB USD apparently has not bad random read access speeds that may make it adequate for vault use. Will there be some HDD stats posted from the test net before launch so we can check HDDs like this will do the job ok?


pine64 last 2 updates can be found at

These are labelled for backers on lt so may not be accessible to most people. Here is a copy of some of the interesting parts

As far as shipping goes, they seem to be about on time with kickstarter dates. Mine is not due till May because of the pledge I gave.


If huge bandwidth, significant disk-space, and modest CPU are the ideal combination, then I have just the thing:

I already run a dedicated, online server at Kimsufi (, a division of OVH), for my own experimentation, at £11.81 (including tax, which I deduct since I’m VAT registered):

OS: Ubuntu
Celeron 220 (1.20GHz)
Disk: 500GB
Bandwidth: 100Mbps

You see, those colocation centres have optic fibre inside the building, connecting your provider’s racks to the other (national) providers. OVH is French, but their network is Europe-wide.

I’ve forgotten the download limit, since it’s been a few years and I’ve never run up against it.

I checked their site just now, and it seems that they have discontinued offering that mix and there are better packages now (Atom processor, 4GB, SSD drive and bigger than mine) for about the same price. I’ll have to ask them about updating it.


I think it is “modest CPU per vault” that’s OK, and best to have more vaults with less disk space than few vaults that more disk space. Bandwidth is important, but not necessarily massive (per vault). Response time also important.


hey, any new info here? I’m def interested in a pre-order pack, I’m working my way thru the thread but Ideally would like a few recommendations from the community here… for a fit for purpose low cost hardware for running SAFE nodes etc… thanks


I just know there are a couple people here looking to offer something but nothing concrete just yet.


This “NUC” thing is intriguing. First I’ve heard of it.


Will it be possible to partition a drive and run say 4 500GB vaults on a 2TB drive? Or will you need a separate rig for each vault?


That should be possible, why not? I don’t know about the exact number of Vaults that would be ideal in such a system. Maybe a number of them that all grab some space from different partitions.