Best farming hardware


yea i’m just looking for the easiest, fastest set up that doesn’t cost too much.

there’s also these mini PC /TV with dual Android and Win8/10 but I’m guess MAID is not going to be a google playstore app anytime soon? jaja

good point about the ethernet port missing, i’ll see if I can find some with that

edit: actually i can probably use a usb to ethernet adapter on the USB 2 port… my upload speeds are not so fast anyway


We’ll it’s not entirely inconceivable I know the devs are planning to target Android at some point, Google have let the Tor project in to the Play store so maybe in a year or two?


Being on the Play Store seems to mean less and less over time, as anyone can just make an .apk file and distribute that to anyone with an Android phone anyway. Many free-reign apk download websites are growing substantially, in direct competition to Google Play. Probably the closest things we have to a SAFE App Store so far :slight_smile:


I see Etherium will have an Etherium computer. How about a Safe computer? No need to be a techie. Out of the box plug in and go. Seems to me it could be very attractive and engage lots of new farmers. Wish I had the tech savvy of some of you on here.If I had, I’d build one. Just thinking / dreaming out loud.


David has said a number of times that computing will be a future feature. I am sure you can find some topics if you search the forum.


I think he means a turnkey solution, and perhaps even custom built farming hardware.

I think this will happen, certainly the former, though I’m not sure the latter will be worthwhile because farming is designed to be effective on standard hardware.

Later there may be benefits in specially dedicated hardware, for compute perhaps (as @neo said), or even for archive nodes.


Thanks. I’m a huge fan of Safenetwork but have not been able to keep up
with everything. :grinning:


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Custom/Turnkey SAFEnetwork farming hardware

I like the idea for SAFE Net farming hardware, but also for non-farming, SAFE usage. Imagine a <$100 SAFE tablet with a quick logout for when you must forfeit to highwaymen?

I’m currently listening to Brian Sovryn talk with “perpetual traveler” Jake Desyllas, and Jake just mentioned owning almost nothing but what he has on his laptop, and how much he values it. I couldn’t help but to think of what SAFE will make possible.


just found this for $70-90 (would need a better ssd)

2gb ram, 64bit celeron


woah US $31.77 - 63.55 / Piece

mini stick with atom 64bit processor, 2gb ram, installed with win or ubuntu

put a tf card in there for more storage or hook it to an external drive (only has usb 2 though)

would make a neat thing to give away at meet ups/conferences if you can get them for $30 or less…


Need something with SATAe

Custom/Turnkey SAFEnetwork farming hardware

Hi all, I would like to start farming but Im not a software developer and have more a finance background. What do I need? My old laptop is damaged so I need to buy a new laptop anyway. What do you recommend if I want to build a farming rig?

Custom/Turnkey SAFEnetwork farming hardware

It’s all speculation right now as a vaulted network hasn’t been released yet. There are a lot of options presented in this very thread. Also do a search for “farming hardware” and you’ll get some results, some are outdated but may still apply. There are a lot of factors to consider for an “optimal dedicated setup” whereas if you are going to be a casual farmer (non-dedicated)) then I believe any old/new laptop (/and in the future mobile phones) will suffice. :slightly_smiling:

Custom/Turnkey SAFEnetwork farming hardware

Dedicated rig or machine for everyday use?

If the latter, just buy a machine that serves your everyday purpose - then your overheads are near zero and all farming is profit even at low margins.

If dedicated, see the posts above for ideas. Personally I think low power / always on is good, and keep your costs down. It is doubtful whether pro farming will be profitable, so spending a lot is risky IMO.

You don’t need lots of CPU power, but a balanced solution. Responsiveness and throughput are important. Trouble is, we can’t know in advance where the sweet spots will be, and they will change as the network changes.


One of the questions giving me a headache right now is SSD over HDD. I have a PC laying about that I will set to work when farming goes live. It has good specs my only concern is the HDD that is nearing the end of its lifespan.
I have already upgraded my internet connection to increase my upload speed to 12mb and now I want a good quality hard drive.
Seems to me those 2 are what matter? …correct me if I am wrong!
Anyway I digress, are the faster read and write speeds of an SSD not nullified by the internet connection speeds?

Custom/Turnkey SAFEnetwork farming hardware
Custom/Turnkey SAFEnetwork farming hardware

Honestly, SSD is a bad choice for safenet only if you’re not running 24/7. If you do plan to keep your PC running 24/7, then SSD will be better. You’re going be swapping with data, and therefore making SSD more prone to fail. SSD is fantastic for OS, programs, and long term data storage. But it fails miserably when you want to rewrite/overwrite data, and also has short shelf life. It isn’t build for that kind of propose. HDD is a better option for that, and it has better shelf life.

Your connection speed is more important than read/write speeds on your ssd/hdd.


I do plan to leave it on permanently. I am confused are you saying if I leave it on 24/7 SSD is better? even though you say its prone to failure.

I believe with SSD fragmentation is less of an issue. should that be a consideration?


are you saying if I leave it on 24/7 SSD is better? even though you say its prone to failure.

Yup. But expect to lose your SSD within a year or two. SSD is exactly like those usb flash drive, and those flash drive dies within a year or so. As time progress, SSD technology will get better at long term self life.

For me personally, HHD WD black is the best option. High performance write, and long storage. That thing is a beast! Been using it for 2 years and counting!

Custom/Turnkey SAFEnetwork farming hardware

Is that your experience? What make model?

I have only had one SSD (Samsung 256GB) and it is still going after several years, at least 6 I’d guess. I’m now on my second because I wanted a bigger one, and no problems yet (again Samsung).

Custom/Turnkey SAFEnetwork farming hardware