Best farming hardware


Hopefully yes. For a vault (farming), the communications is likely to be the limit not CPU. A client (user) will have more CPU load because it is doing encryption and decryption.

You should be able to test this soon, maybe this week or next - watch for the weekly “Dev Update” post which usually goes up late on Tuesday’s. Can’t guarantee Pi (ARM) support will be in there, but fingers crossed.

There won’t be a Safecoin wallet until the network leaves testing, but in the meantime MaidSafecoin (a proxy token) can be bought on exchanges such as Poloniex and stored in the Omniwallet (at any bitcoin address for which you hold the private key), pending transfer to SAFEnetwork and conversion to Safecoin.

Oh, and welcome! :


I heard some Devs talk about providing chunks as being a race. The first Vault that responds get’s to deliver the chunk. I don’t know if that’s still the case. But it would make the network faster. External HDD’s are a bit tricky than??


The $5 Raspberry Pi Zero it’s new, more powerful than the first Pi, and tiny!

  • CPU: Broadcom BCM2835, which can run at up to 1GHz.
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Power: 5V, supplied via micro USB connector, drawing 160mA (even when connected to an HD display).
  • Dimensions: 65mm x 30mm x 5mm
  • Video & Audio: 1080P HD video output. Audio output via mini-HDMI connector.
  • Storage: MicroSD card.
  • Operating System: Linux, installed via NOOBS.

Note: to farm you need a network connection so you would have to buy a USB to Ethernet or Wi-Fi adapter and connect it to the micro USB data port.


The Pi processor is ARM11 microarchitecture and includes ARMv6 processor core (I’m just copying Wikipedia here :smile:). This seems to be the same for the Pi Zero, so is this something you will be able to target @Ross?


Just went down to try and buy one with the magazine but couldn’t get a hold of one, hopefully pick one up over the weekend - looks very interesting though. :smile:


Its similar to - same processor but a bit faster - the Pi 1 (A, A+, B, B+) and same 512MB RAM as Pi 1 (B, B+) so it if works on any of those I’m pretty sure the Pi Zero would be fine. Can you target Pi 1?

These are all ARMv6 rather than ARMv7 (Pi 2 / Odroid). All run Raspbian Linux so again, if ok on one, probably all good for the Pi Zero.

Comparison here:


Comparable, if not better, and still available for February 2016 delivery is the $9 C.H.I.P. computer from Next Thing. Already mentioned on the forum a while ago (link below), but I add it here as I can’t find it in this thread.

The $9 C.H.I.P. computer uses a 1GHz Allwinner R8 Cortex CPU (ARMv7) has 512MB / 4GB pre-installed Debian, on board Wi-Fi & Bluetooth plus various add on “shields”. You can even get a version that has built in display and qwerty keyboard (Sinclair ZX80 style) but shipping a few months later.

Shipping outside US is $12 to $25 I believe.

Forum post (for discussion):

Kickstarter for ordering:


Yes I have mentioned it before.

On Monday from 7am EST USA time they are doing a $8 pre-order deal.


Note the count down timer on their pre-sale page is counting down to “your” computer’s 7am monday, NOT 7am Monday USA EST Time


this basically starts in 2 days


You wait ages and then… (via @dallyshalla) we have the Pine 64 for $19 1.2GHz 64bit quad core Cortex-A53 (ARMv8) 1GB RAM, Ethernet, Micro SD (to 256GB) 2x USB, HDMI etc

Its kickstarter project goes live in December 8th according to Daniel.


Has anyone seen this?

It might be worth considering the filesystem that’s used on your farming machine’s disk. With the right combination, SD cards may be the way to go.


In case anyone was interested in the pre-sale of CHIP 9$ computers for 8$ each, it is starting in 10 minutes

7am EST now says 2 hours time. Something odd there

EDIT: Now working, shipping is a bit strange, if you add too many of some items it says it does not ship to your country. I had to do mine in two orders to get the 5 CHIPs and 2 other parts. Shipping cost was reasonable, even when it was in two orders.

EDIT: They are closing pre-orders at the end of the day it seems [quote]Cyber Monday means C.H.I.P. pre-orders are open! Until 12 am PST,[/quote]


Another small computer that is better than the CHIP and is below the $20 mark (64bit 1 or 2 GB RAM …)


Here’s the pine64 kickstarter link. Fully funded, lots of options (some already gone) deliveries start in Feb 2016 (larger memory all gone until March):


Thanks for sharing @neo and @happybeing. I just bought a $19 device with 1GB RAM and a March delivery. Looking forward to running Ubuntu on this one.


I have one on order too. (I messed up that link didn’t I :frowning: And thabks to @happybeing for the real link)

Then I can compare my chips and cones.


but I heard ubuntu is selling your data to the man, from sources such as this and this and this, etc.

I’m switching to Arch Linux personally, but I also have many friends who are happy with Linux Mint and BSD, etc


Thanks and I appreciate the heads-up. No one is more disgusted by the ever-expanding surveillance state than me. I plan to use this device only as a dedicated farming rig. There will be nothing there for the man to steal. On a related note, a month ago I purchased a Think Penguin laptop for personal use. It came preloaded with Trisquel (I rejected the ubuntu option). This OS is 100% freeware and contains no h/w that can facilitate spying. Visit the Free Sofware Foundation at for a listing of all free s/w.


They are from 2012 versions

Out of interest, didn’t they remove that surveillance “feature” sometime in 2014?

The package is not in my recently installed ubuntu v15


Personally I like Debian and their social contract


I chose the one for $29 with 2 gigs of RAM; I think it’s the best value on the market right now that I’ve ever seen before.