Best farming hardware


You can’t investigate when there’s no testnet.
Almost anything is suitable, but at the moment we can’t tell what’s more, let alone most, suitable.
That will depend on many factors, including each user’s personal preferences. There won’t be “one size fits all”.


xi3 is having a last generation closeout sale. I plan on keeping my node on 24/7. What bugged me the most was the cost of electricity… at 15 watts and a pretty powerful machine for what it is… now at 200 bucks - you can’t beat that.


I know this has been already discussed, but would it be possible to use a pirate box router with maidsafe software on the router to create a mesh network?


I just ordered a C2750D4I as a base for my future SAFE node. With a low power 8 cores CPU and 12 SATA ports, it looks rather good for such a project. I will build it after the release of the testnet3 and when I have some spare time.



I love the “shed of power” concept. Can we get a photo?



I’m pretty sure that is the most awesome example of total overkill I’ve ever heard of.


OPO gen1 would make a great farming… phone.

Phones in general are interesting as they are more than powerful enough to serve nearly anything these days. They are literally pocket supercomputers, with specialized units that can do compromised but incredible encryption on the fly.


@gmason Regarding those server boards, maybe they might be good; though you’ll get a good shot to test it. Definitely let us know your results. I had checked into

Sun Microsystems t5140, though I have decided not to pursue getting it up and running, esp as it is not efficient in exchange for raspberry pi and jetson tk1 and odroids as my first trial for farming.

There are a few other machines I have for testing though they are each in the low power consumption level.

@faddat I hope to be able to use phones for farming, this way remote people can definitely earn coins from farming and have plenty of credit for putting data, etc.


question I was wondering if they maybe any advantage of plugging a SD hard drive into a farming rig?



  • Pros I see are fast access time and lie per consumption.
  • Con is cost.

Hard to know how these will balance out.


I’m not worried about hardware at all. The #1 factor for farming success will be a low latency blazingly fast Internet connection with huge outbound bandwidth.


is it already clear at which dev bundle freebsd can be used as os??


Will dynamic IP be a problem for farming?


No. :smile:



yep, i’ll sort one out… :wink:



got one of these amazing little devices:

think it will make a nice little device to chug away running safe farming when the big day finally arrives, brilliant quality, cleverly designed and put together…

only problem: kernel has problem running openiscsi which i want to use to mount storage, needs newer kernel to work, fingers crossed new one available soon!!



Very nice and with mSATA storage, no mention of power draw?


That link isn’t working for me. Can you check it, thanks.


What does that thing cost? I am getting Database errors when clicking links on that page.


$199 + shipping + VAT