Best exchange to use?

I have stood by polo for a while now and defended them. In fact I still have no issue with them but I would like to be cautious and start a discussion on which exchange we as a collective think is the best or the better of the lot.

Criteria should be international, safe/secure, volume/liquid, supports many coins/markets, has been around for some time. Feel free to add to criteria.

So which exchange is the best?


Referring to, it looks like a pretty short list. Polo, HiBTC, or Bittrex.

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The list mentions 7 different exchanges, but according to the criteria @goindeep put on the table there are just 2-3 that would fit in.

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Has anyone used hitbtc exchange? You can trade MAID with dollars. This could save on some fees.

Iā€™m waiting on excepting FIAT.
Going to transfer a little BTC into there today to speculate on a little NLC2 & ANS Coins.
They do trade MaidSafe.