Best car in the world is made in USA with a twist

It seems that the new Tesla P90D with ludicrous mode is unquestionably the best car in the world. And note that its maded in a blue liberal state with a green fixation by a green economy company with a oil hating CEO.

Its a bit of a misnomer to say that anything is made anywhere but the pattern holds. What some consider the best phone is credited to a company from the same area and that company going to try to build a competitor electric self driving car to compete with Tesla.

Warren, I noticed you’re in mood for music lately, but you should use the word ludicrous, not ludacris, to describe the fast mode.

I look forward to another recession in which Tesla goes becomes a penny stock… I don’t that will happen but it’d sure be nice to see it sink to $19.

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Right, I fixed it. If we get a Republican Tesla could tank.