Best approach to marketing

No fancy videos or even the product will get us back into to 10 market caps as we were around a year ago. Like it or not (and I am sure 95+% of people here will dislike this fact) - all that matters today is youtubers. These guys get thousands of views in an instant and have the power to pump a coin or even sink a coin as they please. Unfortunately I have not heard or seen any youtuber (apart from an old video from David Hay) ever mention Maidsafe/Safenetwork which I believe explains 100% why we have been sinking in market cap (despite continuously hitting ATH) this year and the subsequent delisting from Bittrex.

My suggestion in regard to marketing (once we get on a decent exchange(s)): all we need to do is reach out to a handful of youtubers to promote us in the following way:

1 big youtuber
3 medium size youtubers
5-10 small youtubers

This will create a chain reaction which will mean a whole bunch of other youtubers will make videos about us.

Safe Network is such a hidden gem. With the scope of the project and a super active community it’s crazy that the mainstream doesn’t EVER mention us which means once we get on their radar good things will happen very quickly!


When Maidsafecoins become convertible to Safecoin say in two years or so expect the marketing to become self fulfilling. I am curious what will eventually happen to the value of unconverted Maidsafecoins though.


I have a friend who reckons it’ll be a rare thing worth thousands per coin and he plans on hodling a handful haha

I agree and have mentioned this before. The likes of datadash have such a following that it instantly gets many people to invest. Once these people invest they become much more interested in the project and start pushing it themselves on all the main forums. I know we want all the maidsafe team pushing to get things finished asap but I think the marketing team should be working in this area more.

Also the fact maidsafe is a “cheap coin” in the eyes of individual tokens and has a relatively low market cap, it ticks a lot of the boxes for what a lot of investors are looking for. Obviously the only draw back at the moment is we seem quite a way from launch, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t push this area more.


We all can help in here by commenting at popular videos.


I comment mentioning maid on videos and threads at least once a week (obviously not trying to spam it). If everyone did the good job it’s pick up

Great work Joe. I also mention it as much as I can on Reddit and other relevant places.

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