Being the most modest/under-hyped coin on the market

I really feel that Maidsafe could use a boost in its marketing. Yesterday’s update did not have any impact on the trading price for example which is the opposite of what the project deserves. Personally I believe that the potential/use is far greater than bitcoin and many other over-hyped coins which hike in price simply because of an announcement of an announcements/teasing tactics. This is not to say that doesn’t look amazing - it totally does! But I am not sure it and things like updates get the clicks they deserve. I am sorry to come across like I am trying to cash in in the short term but as well as maintaining a healthy price this will contribute to a stronger adoption on the release day.

I am somewhat puzzled at how to promote it though myself, obviously I don’t want to come across as a spammer on reddit and other platforms which could actually have a negative effect to what is intended.

Any thoughts…?


Hi @Joe_Chiriaev. We agree with you, that is why we have hired a dedicated digital marketer. They are currently working their notice period and will start with us in just over 4 weeks. Once they have settled in we will likely be looking for an additional resource in this area. We’re also starting to recruit for another visual designer.


A bit of patience is required but I think once Alpha 4 release happens, the word should get out. By that time professional marketing will reinforce what we all know. I am so grateful for current prices. Take a screenshot and compare it to the same time next year.:wink:


This has been discussed on here at length a few times before and there’s plenty of valid arguments on both sides. @nicklambert really appreciate you looking at addressing the question which many have and we all were grateful for the additional staff coming on board.

The general feel on the forum (from the old experienced heads) leaned probably more towards more harm than good coming from shouting too loudly how great the product is until we hit the more advanced stages eg: beta (ish)

I know that’s hard to swallow when you look how astonishingly brilliant SAFE is and will be and I’m sure both you/I want nothing more than to share that holy s**t moment we all experienced when we realised the magic @maidsafe were creating with everyone around us.

Trust the team on this one Nicks got a solid business background so knows the time to press the trigger better than anyone here.

I 100% understand your query though we just want to show this thing off but I guess steady hands always prevail as they say.

With respect to the trading price atm all the fanfare in the world wouldn’t make it shoot upwards, market conditions with btc up till the end of the year will most likely keep it suppressed.

Just keep stocking up on MAID mate :sunglasses::wink:


Beat me to it @Cryptoskeptic :slight_smile:

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With Alpha 2’s release, personally (and I’ve been here almost 3 years) I’ve gotten a very welcomed rekindling of my spirits towards the future of the project. I lost a lot of steam the past couple months, because authenticator wouldn’t allow any of my accounts to be created. But apparently that’s only because I never pressed the “Set IP” button… lol. To be fair, there could’ve been more to my problem than simply that, considering they were test versions. But with Alpha 2, I see no problem, at least from a connectivity/integration perspective (and heck, even from an easy-interface perspective).

Also, in the past, Maidsafe had released stuff, that worked, but there was always something missing. This is the first release that has made me see a true foundation. I’m not a developer, but the fact that a lowly person as myself has finally seen clarity with how the product is generally going to look, makes me feel connected to all of them, as if they or myself will all become immensely coherent with each other. In other words, it feels like a worthy release for the title of Alpha 2, and not some feeling of needing to rush out a product.

It can only go up, and faster than ever; and this time there is a foundation of interactive evidence for it. There’s only so much refactoring of code that can occur! This is why I feel at odds in seeing the price continue downward. Basically I share this thread’s sentiments. I’m sending this out to contribute to the reality that all is well and flowing smoothly. That said, bring on the marketers more and more, not fully yet, but as the developers feel growing confidence from working with each other and with Alpha 2+, they’ll feel the need to market, too.


Thinking back to Satoshi - “WikiLeaks has kicked the hornet’s nest, and the swarm is headed towards us.”

I’m personally a bit wary of too much marketing at this stage. There are a lot of eyes on crypto now that weren’t here a year ago.

A little bit of marketing directed at developers rather than investors is a good idea imo. But I still think we are too early to try to push this idea on the public. I welcome controversy post-launch and once the network has reached a critical mass, but before then I can see a serious advantage to keeping a low profile. This space is in public focus at the moment and I’m not so sure getting the attention of being in the top 10 and being put under the microscope of more serious, institutional money would necessarily be such a good thing. I know what went through my mind when I started doing my DD on MaidSafe in 2015, it only took me a few weeks to realise how disruptive this could be. With better marketing I might have gotten there in days :wink: .

Obviously I want to feel like a notional gazillionaire as much as the next man, but we all need this project to succeed for technological, social and political reasons too. I dunno, maybe I’m being a bit overly cautious and a worry-wart, it turned out Satoshi was I suppose. I know I shouldn’t underestimate the arrogance and stupidity of entrenched interests, but a part of me worries that crypto is in the spotlight now so we had better be careful about what we shout about and who we try to explain the network to. Once this bad-boy launches all of the complexity and confusion around SAFE will be immaterial. Until then I think it might just be our best defence to remain an esoteric project that takes weeks or months of dedicated research to get your head around.

I’d like to see us market more to Jonny Developer, but that’s it. Joe Public and Mr Investor might be better left until after the network has launched. :confused: Or am I just worrying for nothing? Happy to have my mind put more at ease with comforting and persuasive words :wink: I just don’t want to see well-resourced attacks being planned before we’ve even launched because we all know this network will be at its most vulnerable in the earliest days.


@jabba years on the felt gives you a good read on human nature, right from the top to the very bottom of society…I don’t think your being cautious at all, just very smart :wink:


One of the very rare times I’d rather be wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s just seems like one of those situations where the risk might not be worth the reward. I’d put aside meaningless short-term wins (I’m waiting until 2025 anyway) for a greater chance at long-term success. I’m not sure that getting the word out too soon would do more harm than good, but it does concern me that it might. :worried: I was hoping we’d already be building momentum on the live network by the time the world gave a damn and had stopped laughing at the crazy crypto-kids and their funny ‘internet money’. They have already moved to more aggressive and underhand ways of attacking this movement. It would be the travesty of our generation if SAFE were to get this close and then find itself unable to grow to the point it can survive in the wild. A baby elephant doesn’t have much of a shot if the hyenas are constantly watching and waiting for any opportunity/vulnerability. I don’t think we want their attention yet, not until we’re big enough to take care of ourselves.


Take heart @Jabba if it fails it’s our kids who will pick up the ball and drive the idea to its end destination. We already owe @maidsafe a tonne for that.

Fwiw bitcoins one way ticket (rise or demise) over the next couple of years may actually camo us right into the drivers seat, in fact imho I’m almost certain of it.

All we can do now is sit back and enjoy the view from the front row however it turns out…the hard works actually already been done :grinning:


Thank you for starting this conversation. That was my consent as well - brilliant idea and poor media performance. Since yesterday there are only 2 press releases online and both on the websites for press-releases… Almost nothing in professional media about Apha2. Ok, it was launched quite late on Friday night and by Monday this news is not fresh any more for professional websites. There is really “zero” impact on MaidSafe price as well, as you have mentioned.
Don’t take me wrong, I admire Maidsafe and invest a lot lately for long term. But with such work with media I am afraid even network launching can be uncovered completely.

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“The level of promotion is always inversely proportional to the underlying usefulness of the product.” - Mr Money Mustache


And who is this guy? The blogger. The blog has been featured and cited in various media outlets including Market Watch, CBS News, and The New Yorker, as well as others. And that’s how you learn about him. And that’s how his quotes became valuable.

I used to think the Maidsafe lacked marketing, but I’ve changed my mind. The big noise should come after Alpha 3 is proved. Once there is a unhackable network then shout it from the rooftops. In the meantime keep buying at these ridiculous prices.


I agree with pretty much all of the above and it’s really nice to hear that a new marketing person is starting not long from now, this is particularly re-assuring as I was worried we might get drowned out by the loudest projects with no unique/well thought out idea (e.g. the ones who are just copying ethereum)


I agree :slight_smile: Buy it all up now.


This project is so new its not going to have the hype of other coins. It also doesn’t enable drug transactions so the media has no interest.

Better that way, anyways. Less attention means less people of shady characters getting involved and crowding the rest of us out

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how would drug transactions be stopped?

They can’t be stopped, but likely they won’t appear until the network has been launched for a while and proven robust.


Most drug transactions are paid for in cash.