Bear arguments against Tesla are staggeringly foolish AND Teslas first Commercial

They go like this: Can Tesla make a cheap car with quality and in volume.

Answer of course!!! If Tesla can stomp Mercedes, BMW and Lexus at the top end of the market and do it with tripple their margins you know its over lower down in the markets too.

But the idiot petrol propaganda machine trys to make sound controversial to beat the petro industry which due to its incredibly low ecocomic efficiency and corrupting business model and general obsolesence must be constantly bailed out rescued and subsisdized as it hollows out society with its enslaving overheads. But no we never talk about its balance sheets with majority stranded assets and a profitless future over its permanent efficiency obsolesence and over its externality liabilities and over its green competitor/dominator providing easy massive strategic economic gains over the economic efficiency difference.

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Hate ads but its so beautiful I had to share it.