BBC R&D Video about their research to deliver personal data services (Dec 2020)

A ten minute intro to the first of four areas of BBC research into data value product research.

In this video the focus is personal data stores (cf. Solid) and includes both the R&D Engineer doing this work (Max Leonard), and the head of BBC R&D (Bill Thompson) explaining the kinds of thing they are experimenting with.

Max Leonard describes an internal test app which provides recommendations from the BBC back catalogue, based not just on watching habits but on other sources in your personal data store (cf. Solid pod).

Bill Thompson alludes to some areas they found tricky. Not much detail here, but good to have some contact names at the BBC who are working in this area, and an example of how to present this from the BBC aimed at general public, as well as insight into what they’re working on.

They don’t mention Solid but are clearly using that approach as their model and I expect may be rolling out their test products based on Inrupt’s Enterprise Solid Server (announcement), maybe hosting it themselves. EDIT: this confirmed by Tim on gitter: “Here is a BBC explainer on using “PDSs” - they are using ESS and have build some solid apps” link

The R&D engineer for this area summarises the problem mentioning centralisation because of the lack of interoperability, hacking and so on, but later explaining their approach seems to cringe slightly as he describes it as centralised and points out they don’t have “corporate” access to the pods. Enter Safe Network? :wink:

Worth a watch, and maybe to follow them via