Basic Income experiment in Canuckistan

Ontario will implement basic income on an experimental basis.

I can’t wait. The results will be fascinating.


I’ve been going through Karen Armstrong’s “Blood in the Fields.”

A substantial BI stable and secure enough to make everyone idle is inevitable in the face of so much automation. But we’ve been wired to think that if no one has to work some people who made other people work so they didn’t have to will be made to work. We can’t seem to get over that. And I guess if society were reset after a BI that those who were idle in every period since agriculture through forcing others to work could find themselves on the made to work side if the dice were rolled again. Erase the accounting and scrap the habits and the rich could be in for an upset.

Ontario will join I think Manitoba and Saskatchewan with the BI. In Manitoba it simply wasn’t enough, that’s where such programs tend to fail as only providing enough to breed subsistence and dependence, they need to provide a liberating amount on the back of automation and solar/batteries.

It’s never enough, is it?
Why have a 42" LCD TV when you can have a 60" LCD TV?

The basic law of economics is that resources are always limited, and needs are not. So one has to economize and mind the gap.

Yes, material freedom will not necessarily bring happiness. That is for sure. Removing legitimate challenge will undermine happiness. Imposing illegitimate challenge will as well for most people.