Basic income... crypto technology could deliver it globally

Dare I say that Maidsafe is positioned to deliver this?

  • Data is valuable, very valuable, the world runs on data.
  • Be they companies, or individuals, they all pay the market rate for data and other computer resources.
  • SAFE network is very well suited to host the worlds data.
  • Correct me if I am wrong, here… The SAFE network is designed to distribute rewards in a non central way, giving everyone an equal bite at the cherry? So no one can do what the current mining groups do with bitcoin?

So, on the business end, you have fully functioning companies wither farming, or paying to use the network. On the farmer end, for basic resources, people will earn an income by farming. It will be interesting to see if the level of reward to enable people to enjoy a basic income.

This all would completely bypass the need for a government to tax and distribute money, as there would be a direct link between individuals and profitability of the companies in the market.

Cool eh?

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A basic income is what welfare was, never remotely adequate by design.

What is needed is a high indexed guaranteed annual income. Also unsponsored media and a green economy. A huge part of the point is eliminating the power money has over people and in particular eliminating the power the wealthy have over other people due to money.

We don’t want the idiocy W. was trying to cultivate when he said we need to elevate the power of capital- essentally so people can be forced to shine shoes… We want to end it. We want to eliminate the power of private capital or otherwise to coerce people. We have a situation where almost no one is free, even the rich are a generally slaves to money or have their lives ruined by paranoia and damage to relationships over money because the value of capital is too high- their mental health looks just like the bottom 3%.

Freeing people from basic need and want over capital, especially given automation and based on contrubution the fruits of automation being the general inheritance- means making transactions voluntary from the ground up.

I personally want not just the government era but also the post business era. Also want a post leader era. Leadership is about the stupidest concept we’ve ever evolved, it means people are kept dumbed down and subserviant and don’t evolve. Its the expectation that people will have to follow orders. There are no leaders, no one can live your life for you.

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Taxation agencies should attribute an income to robots based on current human labour costs to do same job and levy a “income” tax on each robot that a company has. So as more and more robots and pseudo AI devices take over labour/management jobs then that can become part of the basic income.