Banking and SAFEcoin

It may be that much of the discussion of money and economics involving money as a medium of exchange in the forum might benefit from a different perspective. Its the banking perspective. Think of money as a function of banking and not of banking being a function of money. Also understand that banking going all the way back has been about conquest. Its always been financial warfare. Money has simply been a means to enable banking. Also that the banking dimensions of money have always been the ends and aims.

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Hmmm… You better source that. I think you are making stuff up as usual.

The reason for banking is because most folks don’t want to keep 10k in their wallet lest they get robbed.

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The SAFE network has the opportunity to establish safecoin as a global currency safe enough for banking. Bitcoin is only pseudonymous and banks probably need something that is truly anonymous so that governments and competitors are prevented from snooping on their activities.

The banks have plans for developing their own blockchain technology: Thirteen more top banks join R3 blockchain consortium. It’s a much bigger political problem to establish a global currency however.

Therefore banks may in practice be forced to start using safecoin as a global currency when the SAFE network has become big. Before the central banks and governments around the world have managed to agree on a global currency, safecoin can have become a de facto global currency.


They are agreeing on a global currency its r3cev’s banker controlled bitcoin. They only want limited anonymity because the want taxes and negative interest. Taxes help support debt and support the entities that physically protect them. They also need to identify to support negative interest which supports their deflation control and complements their bitcoin programmed inflation.

@jreighley its more then bankers having a kind of money printing machine to stretch the currency with loans. They do way more than loans, they do it all and they control every area of the economy and write the rules of business. Stuff like crowd sourcing and SAFE could get arround the but prior to it the controlled all aspects of financial, risk and betting. The New Deal slowed them down a bit but they retaind influence.

That wasn’t a source.

I am no fan of central banks, but you make up a lot of propaganda that just makes you look like a guy who just loves to hear his own voice. You make a ton of stuff up. Post it like it is a fact when really it is just another dose of Warren propagnada. You aren’t going to convince anyone here – We have heard everything you say 1000 times before.

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You need to read some books and stop listening to your Fox News echo chamber and turn off the KFI.

When the main banks in the world all get behind a digital currency standard it means we are about to have a global monatary union. A financial network consisting of the major banks. Historically we’ve had several Amercan presidents commenting on fighting banks foriegn and domestic for control of the country. They have broken through the limits om their power and want world control. Expect more bank mergers.

Why are you disagreeing with me? What do you you disagree with?

I don’t like central banking either.

You are just blowing more hot air, and you fail to make your case (Which I agree with) because you are making stuff up. If you are going to say something cite your sources. Because most every post you have some preposterous “Fact” That isn’t at all a fact.

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We can follow the money here. But you can check out Prins expose of banker power and its history. Suddenly its all in clear focus the large picture the banking logical and historical agenda. Capitalism is just bankerism. Once you see its priorities and motives in their historical banking context you can paint by the numbers.

SAFE would DAO away banker power right on the eve of its global triumph.

It will require cooperation among many major countries in order to establish an official global currency. I doubt that a bankster blockchain will be enough to convince China to abandon their money manipulation power with the yuan or make the U.S. give up their world-dominating dollar, or that the EU will give up the euro. And even without the enormous international political hurdle, their digital currency will have to be integrated into the money systems today, and that will take several years.

They have a time frame 2024. They have a book on how to do it.

I don’t want it. I want a SAFE distributed automated credit union. I am not sure there could be a flatter model. The customers own it and at some point it might be pure software. But even with customer collective owners it would be free of stock holders, and should be free of board members, executives, managers and supervisors. But it gives the global SAFE community all sorts of money stretching and crowd sourcing tools free of banker control through money idiology.

Decentralized bank? Probably ordinary banks and the fiat currencies will remain even in the future, and safecoin (or something similar) can be used for money transactions. I heard that there is a fee of 3% or something like that when paying with credit/debit cards. That’s total robbery! A single dollar transferred 100 times will give credit card companies $3 in profit! Safecoin = zero transaction fees.

Automated decentralized credit services would become a competition to the ordinary banks. That would be good I agree.


@anders That transaction fee is the precursor to their negative interest. So in a way its banking or money enclosure. The don’t just think of the data/electrons as their’s the think of the the physical network, access to it for this purpose, the actual conceptual currency as theirs. And they will claim their directives are its highest and greatest purpose and that all issues affecting internet should be considered first and foremost from their banking perspective. The internet in its unifying function has become a bridge for them. But they also like stuff like DMCA and the nasty EULA because it means we support what amounts to their proxies debt loads.

They whole point of Cryptocurrency is that you don’t need a bank.

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I like that and that should tell us about the size of the fight. Rockefellas started using banking type tactics in oil and then moved to banking.