Banker backed bitcoin as exclusive global currency

I am just about to finish Nomi Prins new tomb on bankers. The story of money is the story of bankers. Thinking back to a conversation in 2007 with a local retired conservative superior court judge and law professor I remember that he was quite concerned about attempts to create a global currency as a prelude to global governance and it seemed from his conversation that this was not a new topic of concern in his circle and the alarm was increasing. He was also quite worried about trade treaties being given precedent over Constitutional law.

Some signs that an exclusive global currency is coming:

  1. Nine biggest banks are working on a global bit coin based standard the one to replace all currencies and the waste and instability involved with hedging them. This instability is a barrier to unfettered banker power.

  2. This new currency will mean states phase out cash.

  3. Bitcoin will give them a means to programatically control inflation (can get rid of fed board) and give them negative interest on deposits to control deflation.

  4. Bankers like states because they provide their physical protection. Bankers have taken over the
    global states.

  5. Bankers like taxes because taxes encourage debt.

  6. Bankers will protect state tax bases because they need state governments to reinforce their taxes and this new currency they are developing will be transparent to states so no more capital flight, the ability to implement a practical global tax and will finally be possible to protect state power and by extension banker power.

  7. Instant global confiscation/forfeiture of private wealth. As quick as a card decline they can wipe out all of one’s private wealth (you won’t be able to sell even tangible assets as you won’t be able to get liquid bit coin for them) and access to wealth outside of barter. Proof of unique human may be an issue so expect them to get pushy with ID, “real ID” etc. But they will be able to instantly land lock tangible assets. Its interesting in the US they never want a tort or criminal offense to set the precedent of wealth forfeiture. But this sets it over all the terror tracking, so it is a gun to the head if the non banker elite and point of failure.

  8. And let me point out this chilling idea, in their new system unless you have the banker approved
    title “bank,” no matter what you do with currency or where it’s at or accounted for or transiting to
    it will always be in the custody of a bank and earning them negative interest at your expense. And don’t forget the new banks do it all exclusively- loan-insurance-trading-deposits everything involving risk calculation they control. Bankers even do media because managing perception is managing risk.

You already know what rule by bankers is like, its called austerity. They squeeze you like a lemon because you’re the product not the customer.

The most important point of all: They own the money.

With a given amount of people, product and resource and a given sustainable limit, currency is a zero sum animal. Every claim on it is a claim on the share of coercion and coercive potential available, one claim necessarily dilutes or reduces another. The bankers want it unadulterated, undivided with no where to run. This is their path to ever increasing power and they know it. And lets be real clear about one thing, you only rent their currency you never ever own it, they own it, not you! So when you talk about your money and a right to it etc., be very very clear its not your money, it wasn’t your money, it won’t be your money, and it never will be your money, its their money and it always was and always will be. They own the mint, which permanently guarantees their wealth and power not yours, but at your expense. You work for them, even if no work is necessary. Its never been about money, its always been about banking and banking has always been financial warfare against he people where money is converted to raw political power. Your best bet is to be directly related to a powerful banker.

Don’t think this can happen? Take a look at the EU, its a monetary union, its the warm up (there are other smaller monetary unions already) and it handed Germany what its never been able to do militarily. The world is next. A merger of the dollar and euro will make it happen.

I moved this from cybersecurity to off topic as I don’t see any connection to the former, or to SAFEnetwork.

The connection is we have a time limit. We need something that can stand up to what’s brewing.

You haven’t said that, so someone could read this long post and feel they’ve wasted their time on something that makes no point related to either cyber security or SAFEnetwork.

Its implied including the idea of how unpleasant a global monetary union could be especially with banker control.

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