Bank to the Future?


I have been looking at the investment pitch and I cannot really see how I would make a return from the investment. All it mentions is that I would be able to sell the shares for safe coins and should they rise I would make a profit. Surely I am better just buying more safecoins and thus allowing myself the ability to sell should i need to.

Whats peoples thoughts??


Owning a share of maidsafe means owning a share of the company licensing the tech and building their own killer apps on it. They could potentially reap all the benefits of the rising price of safecoin whilst also riding their own waves of success through the various income streams they will have post launch.

Then there’s also the patents and the chance that safenetwork could fail and maidsafe still could succeed and become a big success off the back of the tech it is creating.

I have hedged with buying both coin and shares personally.


Hi thanks for the reply. It makes more sense now.


Always happy to share my thoughts.

The world really needs this project to succeed, it has the recipe for success, all we need now is for things beyond our control to play out as we hope :confused:

One time… /rolls dice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you don’t invest in the company that’s making the SAFE Network maybe it might take years before it’s delivered.

I invested not because I’m looking for a return (I care little about a return in this case). Your ROI is that soon your data is SAFE, that you can speak freely with your loved ones, that you have money (SAFEcoin) that will grow in value.

My respect that you ask and are so open about it. New ideas are constantly being introduced to improve/optimize the SAFE Network. In Silicon Valley Maidsafe would be worth trillions for the SAFE Network idea alone. But the reality is, Maidsafe has created a SAFE space for high tech companies to reach the stars. Please don’t underestimate this company’s ability to create value, there is a $44 M marketcap and it sure won’t stay there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Has that FAQ been done? MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising

Thanks for the advice people.

I have decided to invest. Just wondering what would happen if BNK TO THE FUTURE FAILED. Would you still maintain the equity rights?

Anybody have any ideas?

Cheers peeps

Yes, you’d still be a registered shareholder of a company that owns a portion of the MaidSafe company if Bank to the Future failed.

Great stuff, thanks for taking the time to reply.