Bandwidth as New Super Currency

The writer of this interesting article seems not to be aware of MaidSafe, but it might turn out to be the new “Super Currency” he’s talking about:

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The hundredth monkey effect? lol if so the Maidsafe team is light years ahead with an autonomous network on the way. IMO giant mega-corporations will adapt or fall behind as anyone who uses Maidsafe to store giant amounts of encrypted data will save money on storage and cybersecurity.


There’s so much untapped bandwidth especially in capitalist countries where factory belts keep churning out better hardware. It would be cool also if my old ASIC butterfly labs machine could be repurposed for something other than cryptographical puzzles - for something like rendering pictures for a decentralized computing network like maidsafe or golem. Probably not. This shows how little I know about the crypto hardware but I do know it was pumping out .07 BTC per day 4 years ago and was awesome. Well worth the investment.

ASIC stands for ‘application specific integrated circuit’. In the case of a Bitcoin miner, the application specific thing is SHA-256 hashing. So it is not a general purpose computer that can be repurposed. It may have some general purpose computing inside of it for interfacing with the mining pool etc, but that hardware is likely weak and isn’t where the power of the machine lies.

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Can bandwidth be backed by gold ?

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